Seen this in the newest t AFI 48-124


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Now if there is a way i can prove I can wear protective equipment, run 100 yards and carry 40 lbs you think I could use this to negate my MEB? My PCM updated my profile without my knowledge and put verbiage in there just to trigger an MEB Individuals requiring exemption from one or more components of the fitness test
for greater than one year do not require I/RILO or MEB unless the underlying condition
or limitation does not meet retention or deployment standards
7.3. Presumption of Fitness. If performance of duty in the 12 months before scheduled
retirement is satisfactory, the member is presumed to be physically fit for continued AD or
retirement. (See AFI 41-210 for presumption of fitness prior to retirement). Reservists who
have not been participating (in a no-pay/no-points status) solely due to administrative restrictions
on participation IAW AFI 36-2254 Vol 1, Reserve Personnel Participation or due to
noncompliance with requirements are not considered to overcome the presumption of fitness.
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