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Senate Passes 2008 NDAA

Jason Perry

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As I mentioned in another thread, yesterday the Senate passed the new 2008 National Defense Authorization Act. Next step is on to the White House for the President's signature making the bill a law. The President has stated that he will sign this bill and he has ten days to do so or the law takes effect automatically.

For those of you in the MEB / PEB process now, this means the laws provisions will apply to you. This is true even if your case is heard at the PEB today, because you have 10 days to rebut any FPEB findings. In that time the law will take effect and the Service Secretary will be bound to apply the VASRD as interpreted by the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

In my opinion, this is a very good development for all Servicemembers going to the PEB.


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Good to know! Especially since I just got a call from the MEB this morning that they received my P-3 profile (after 2 months) and need me to come in tomorrow to start my packet and physicals. Now the worry sets in, I unfit for duty because I was declared unfit to deploy, am I too broke to stay in but not broke enough to rate anything more than severance, I going to get "low-balled" by the Army as allot have been hinting at....will these guys pat me on the head, say no sit ups for you, now get back in the fight,....all things I guess time will tell. Good news is that it seems like the VASDR (?) seems to be a little more SM friendly. Thanks, Jason, for the info.