Serious Question Wish Somebody Of Import Would Take On- Repayment Severeance Debt???

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All I have serious question that I wish somebody of import would take on!

If a lot of veterans are like me they do not like owing anybody anything- let alone money!

I have asked numerous times, the right agencies- why must a severance pay recoup be deducted and a veteran, if they have the means simply pay it off- believe it or not it is against regulations!!!!!!! It must be recouped from pay!!!!!

Also for DOD there is a caped percentage on how much can be recouped from a veteran- why does the VA not have the same percentage cap as DOD and the VA can it fact take all of a veteran's compensation until the severance is recouped!!!!

I really wish somebody of significant importance would tackle these issues and make things standard across the board and also not a veteran class of "debtors" if they can in fact pay back what they owe and so desire to do so!

Thanks- and hope somebody with authority is willing to tackle this issue as I know a lot of veterans this has had highly negative impact on as well as their entire families!!!!!

Thank you for your kind consideration in this matter!!!!!

PS: I would, in the past simply do this myself or at least try, but through long and painful experience have learned that one person alone cannot make a difference, especially a peon such as me, and that anything that gets somewhat fixed with the VA etc, ,after numerous letter writing... just simply normal returns to its normal state of affairs!

Yes anything at all I have ever posted I have in fact done or experienced myself- and am simply tired of it all- as nothing or very little ever changes for the better, especially with the

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As for VA recoupment... if you submit a letter stating your financial difficulties they can lessen the recoupment and spread it out over 12 months. Other than that I have not had any issues on the military side with recoupment. I had a hellish time with civil service recoupment where I worked my last 3 months for free and just resolved that this month after explaining that medical retirement precludes you from paying back advanced sick leave.

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Danieldresdin- glad you got your issues worked out. However perhaps I was not clear- the VA claims they want to get in parity with DOD- and they are not!

Forgive me but these are the issues and I do not remember exact percentage's and am not going to look the up:

1) If you owe some severance pay or debt to DOD they only recoup at the 30-40% rate of what you are being paid to lessen the hardship. The VA does not- they take everything until severance is recouped. This significantly places not only the VET but in a lot of cases the VET's entire family in a difficult position!

In my case the VA "illegally" garnished me for a very long time and "yes" I did write numerous, numerous letters- all to no avail! It seems if- in particular my Regional Office- does not like what you have to say they send it to "legal" and have them put their own spin on things- even though highly incorrect- especially if you cite their own rules and regulations to them. The VA clearly does not like that and in general it has been my experience when you do cite the rules and regulations- and they disagree- which is most of the time- to the VA, they in general send it to "legal" for a number of "nefarious" reasons!!!!!!

So you really cannot win unless you get your own legal team- which costs money and a lot of time and effort!

2) The other issue is- if you have a valid debt to DFAS/DOD and it involves severance- you cannot simply pay it all back at one time- you must have it recouped slowly out of your pay! Which is ludicrous in my opinion, if one has the means, and simply wants to clear the slate and be done with it!!!!

So none of this is good or even makes any sense at all and as I said all has very disastrous consequences that are too numerous to illuminate any more than I have!

Thanks Daniel and glad to hear you got your issues resolved!!!!!!

PS: This simply goes to a point in one of my other posts- VA rules and regulations are open to to many disparate interpretations which I think largely accounts for the huge number of rating variances by different Regional Offices across the nation for the same issues and circumstances which a whole lot has in fact been written about in the media!!!!!!
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Also this whole issue could in fact lead into a side argument about the numerous issues surrounding "concurrent receipt" which was a hot topic by many not long ago and nothing ever really resolved- as there are valid and numerous issues with this topic as well!!!!

However for some reason not much has ever really been done and this issue seems to have come to somewhat of "halt/ stand still" of late!!!!!
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