Service related scoliosis


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Hi,currently I’ve been in the army for little over 2 years have spent months in the field training. Approximately 1 year ago I went to sick call for back pain and was told not to worry about the burning sensation in my upper back. 2 months later I had my lungs exrayed for pneumonia and I was diognosed with scoliosis but told not to worry about it.6 months later I scheduled a appointment with my PA for the burning sensation and sharp pains going from my spine down right arm.and was sent to get scoliosis survey. Expecting the results in 2 weeks. Well 3 months later I have been to sick call countless times and scheduled 3 appointment which have been canceled all while I’m experiencing more issues such as pains shooting up my neck to forehead, occasionall migraine,neck locking up and still don’t know the results. But eventually I made it in and had everything documented to discover I have a 21% curve at which point I was sent to physical therapy where on the first day she cracked my back and now I’m in intense pain 24/7 have migraines throughout the day ,can’t sit stand or walk without severe pain traveling along my spine and down both arms,it’s reached the point where I can’t perform my duties even while I’m on profile.physical therapy is now complete after it being decided that it’s pointless to continue.last time seeing my pa I was told I would be lookin at a MB if it did not work.if anyone has similar experiences please share. I’m now looking at returning to the civilian world uncertain of what I will do for work given that almost any sort of physical activity will only make it worse.
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