Severance pay question


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Question regarding repayment of severance:
So from what I've read and what legal has said the rating decided by unfitting condition will be repaid through VA disability. So if you are 70% VA and 20% DoD does the repayment calculate monthly at $269.30 out of the 1365.48? Taking your 70% payment down by 269.30/month, or does the repayment count as the difference between 70% VA to 50% VA at 510.07/ month? I was looking at this and realized there could be serious implications to disability reimbursement since if they were to only pay you 50% disability per month, but only count 269.30/month then there would be an almost $300 discrepancy per month.


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You shouldn't have to pay back the severance due to the injury or condition incurring in a combat zone. It doesn't have to be combat-related, just have to incur in a combat zone. This is IAW NDAA of 2008. Thats why you have the "enhanced" at the end. Hope this helps.
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