Should I try to medboard or stay in through the pain? (Army)


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I have chronic lower back pain. I had a lumbar spinal fracture during BCT that was discovered during AIT and since has healed. I have been in for a little over a year and my back pain has increased since. My pain has only gone up and nothing has helped. I've had so many temporary profiles because my body just can't take the stress of normally PT. I haven't been able to take a PT test due to my profiles since my last PT test during AIT, not that I would even pass if I took one. I can't carry a rucksack without so much pain that I can barely stand let alone walk. I can't wear any armor without my spine feeling like it is being crushed and having to take it off. I was seen by physical therapy for a few months and my body strengthened, but the pain worsened. Physical therapy then referred me to pain management because they couldn't help me any further. I've had several classes and so many appointments that my unit is going crazy about my appointments due to having to go to two different Army hospitals and being out of work so much. I'm supposed to try injection next week and start Cognitive Behavioral Therapy a week after that. I have five weeks to decide if I want to get a p3 profile so I can get out but looking at what the medboard process is, it makes me feel like I won't be granted separation since my spine is already healed. Since it is healed, there is no visible damage so why would they let me out if in their eyes I'm fine? I can't concentrate on work through the pain, I can't sleep without having to reposition every hour to hopefully relieve a tiny bit of pain, and I can't do a PT test because I can't run without having to stop from the pain. Should I pursue a medboard or just try to get through these next three years barely surviving through the pain? If I don't medboard my unit might try getting rid of me from not taking a PT test...
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