Should your claim status in Ebenefits change after receipt of DD-214? Timeline for VA payment?


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I am wondering if it is suppose to change upon receipt of DD-214? It has been "Pending Final Approval" for a long period of time. I called the regional VA office, just to check if all docs have been received on their end, they confirmed. The person I spoke with said the claim could be open until June, this seems long to me, but it was a range estimate.

Also, I went to the VA to enroll after getting my DD-214 to get an ID to use facilities, the lady said I could not claim the service-connection or get an ID until the first claim was complete. She also put me down as a combat veteran (even though its not combat related but was in a combat zone)..will this cause any issues? I did not question it at the time as I figured she knew what she was doing, but now I am wondering if it will cause any issues and should close the claim until the first claim (referred from the PEB) is complete?



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Sounds like pay should be coming through either on May 1 or June 1 depending on when they received your DD-214.

It sounds like your current life situation is trying to teach you patience. Everyone experiences the situation you find yourself in. You are not being singled out.

Its tough to be told to keep waiting after you have been waiting...and waiting. You are about to be well paid, far above the average American, and doing so takes administrative effort on behalf of the payee. Try to stay encouraged.
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