Signing NARSUM

Guys, my question is, at what point in the process do I sign the NARSUM, I have heard I am supposed to sign it a few weeks after my C&P exams, some also said I am supposed to sign it with my NMA even though I have already signed that one.

What is the actual timeline or when will I get to sign it also where do I get it from?
Since you said NMA and you mentioned Navy before I'm gonna assume Navy. The intended flowchart is this: you get your exams done, the DBQs will populate in both TOL and LIMDU Smart, LIMDU Smart is the one that matters for it to populate. The NARSUM you keep hearing about will be written by a separate doctor giving his or her opinion on whether or not more conditions should be added to your DoD consideration. You do NOT sign that, that isn't up to you. That's the first puzzle piece. Then you're gonna sit with your OIC or company/battery CO and fill out the NMA. That's the second puzzle piece. The final puzzle piece is your personal impact statement vetted by your lawyer. Once you have all of that you are gonna sit with your PEBLO and discuss any questions or concerns, and you're gonna elect a few options if you'd like to. You have the right to submit the aforementioned personal statement. You have the right to submit rebuttal. You have the right to request an impartial medical review, where a doctor uninvolved with your process up to this point will review your case and give a 2nd opinion on whether or not more conditions should be considered by the DoD. When you are finished making your choices, you will then SIGN the package/elections and that signed package will be given directly to the PEB along with a courtesy copy to you if your PEBLO has half a brain. Make sure you get your copy.

Once it's up at the PEB you'll wait a while for the VA to handle their proposal, and once they're done they forward it to the PEB and they make your formal fitness determination along with a informal finding on your case. From there you can choose to accept the findings or request a formal board to fight the findings for one reason or another. If memory serves you will get specialized counsel for the formal board, aka new lawyers. The FPEB will present their findings, and after that if you still disagree you get one more appeal before you get what you get. I think you also get one VA reconsideration if a VA rating is jacked up. No idea how that works though. After you get what you got you'll eventually get orders out or be told to stay in.