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I am a Vietnam vet and have been getting SMC-k since 2003 for the loss of a testicle due to having testicular cancer which the VA rated me at 0% from being exposed to Agent Orange. This is considered to be loss of a creative organ. In November of 2020 the VA service connected me at 0% for ED and set the back date of September 14, 2014. When I tried to get my service connection for testicular cancer raised to 30% in 2014 which I did for about a month the VA agreed with me and gave me the 30% only to take it away a couple months later. My question is can I file for SMC-k again as the VA rates ED as the loss of a creative organ also from what I have been able to find on different sites and if I can file for this, should I be able to get back pay from the 2014 date the VA gave me?


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