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Hi everyone,

My name is Kristen and I posted here when I was going through a LIMDU phase that was supposed to lead to MED Board but instead my doc mixed up my record with someone else's and now I am (well, that's debatable) fit for full. However, in the last like 5 years, the symptoms have not gone away and I was seen at the local Airforce base where I feel I have amazing docs. However, they really didn't say much just that my record would be going to a Med Board. I was diagnosed with adult ADHD, major Depressive, currently being tested and treated for Bipolar and PTSD. I am on meds for all of this but I am really wondering what is going on. To me, this is feeling way different than the first time. I was on a ship the first time but this time I am currently on shore duty until I get out. I guess I was just wondering what I am waiting on now. I have not been placed on LIMDU to my knowledge. I check my IMR daily and my NEC's (the primary would be 0000) to see if anything has been changed.

if anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. My next appointment is the 9JUL. I would like to tell my COC about whats going on but I feel like I don't even know whats going on.

thank you in advanced
Kristen Meyer


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How is your performance records? evals? relationship with COC? With the Navy, I see lots of cases where they just state you have been dealing with these problems for so long with little evidence that it affects your performance and adjudicate you fit for duty.


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Evals and things of that nature are good. I feel the relationship with my COC is good as well. I talked to one of my CHeifs about all this but he said it will just waiting for word. My coc has seen how all of this affects me at work. My docs who I trust a lot both agree that getting out would probably help. I agree but I know I will miss this life. that navy will always go on without me in it. I just am worried that I will get like a few weeks notice and my CCC and ALPO don't really think that I need to do doing TGPS and things like that. I just am like I would like to be prepared for this when it does happen. i guess i also am just nervous about the waiting and things like that
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