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Hello All! I know some of you are very versed in this area as you have gone through it so I'll ask it.

I got done with a 30 day outpatient treatment for ptsd and my docs said I should apply for SS based on my PTSD. They wrote a letter that I took to the SS office when I went to my appt.

Anyways, She said i would get about 1,004 a month if approved. I am not in a wounded warrior program. (I cant be in a WTU because im currently in a medical board) I work about 12-17 hours a week.

I told the lady this etc etc. she told me it would take 6 months to hear something back.

Anyways, I get home today and they mailed me a packet I need to fill out about how I funtion etc. So when it asks about pain etc, so I put it based on my back as well? I am being boarded for both but didnt apply for SS because of my back only the PTSD.

Lastly, I know some current soldiers that are getting approved (None have been not approved) that are in WTU units. Will this matter for me? even though I am in the army.

The lady told me that my situation is the same as a WTU persons because while I am at my unit, im not doing my MOS and I only work a few hours a week do to board things and doc appts.

I guess what I mean is, my chances of being approved are? and the time it will take will be 6 months? Or will it be like my current soldiers I know that only took 45 days to 3 months?

Anyone with some knowledge on all of this please chime in thanks.

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