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Quick backstory: Went through IDES, received 10% for my knee (reason for discharge) and a combined 80% from VA. Received percentages (not VA award letter) in October 2017. Medically discharged on 24DEC17. Couldn't submit packet to DFAS to keep taxed amount of severance pay due to timeline so I'm compiling the packet to recoup the taxed severance pay from the IRS.

Does the VA Award Letter have to be in the same year as the year the Severance Pay was awarded in order to receive the taxed portion of my severance pay? I got out on 24DEC17 but had my VA award estimates in October thanks to IDES. I didn't upload my DD-214 to E-Benefits so my VA Award letter has been pending because of that. Submitted DD-214 on 29DEC17.

What is the average amount of time that it takes to receive your VA award letter after submitting your DD-214 online on E-Benefits?

MY DD-214 lists my disability severance pay but it doesn’t say if it is pre or post taxed amount. Will that matter when requesting the taxed amount from the IRS? I would think not since all my other documents show that it is pre-tax and how much they initially taxed me on it. I have just heard stories of IRS agents kicking back packets for not having that on the DD-214.

Does DFAS issue corrected W2's only in January? I'm hoping I can get a corrected W2 to submit this packet to the IRS this year instead of in 2019.

Thanks for all your help and Happy New Year!
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