Started my PEB/MEB


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Well I posted this above in NEW DES area since i didnt know which to use.

I have had the candle lit now for the last 2 weeks. Started with my Peblo and had my VA meeting. Here is/was my past Hx and will keep it updated:

Feb 09 Fx right ankle ORIF
May 09 Hardware removed
Aug 09 Full Right Ankle Fusion
Dec 09 Full Right Ankle Fusion redo
APR 10 Released from Ortho with "thats all I can do if there are any issue hollar"
Jun 10 went to another ortho as pain was relentless and taking way to many narcotics
Jul 10 had CT discovered fusion was not complete infact there were no signs of any fusion what so ever
Oct 10 Right Below the Knee Amputation. (was the best thing done for me)
Dec 10 First Prothestic leg (1 of my top 5 feelings in my life walking again)
Apr 11 Leg infected back to surgery for revision
Jul 11 Back into leg again and full time starting prosthetics all over (12-18 moth window of rehab relearn)

AUG 11 Started PEB Peblo Visit
Aug 11 Started VA Process
SEP 11 have VA Medical Evals

Will update as I go along
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