Sudden Cardiac Arrest, AICD, Anoxic Brain Injury... Is there hope for me to Return to Duty?

10 Second Bob

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Greetings all, I've been trolling for a while and decided it's time for me to come up on the net.

Three months ago, similar to Miking, I survived an out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest while running. Thanks to the quick and heroic actions of a fellow runner and an excellent on-site medical team, I survived with only a minor anoxic brain injury.

Cardiology team never figured out what caused the SCA (despite an extensive battery of tests) and installed an AICD for insurance.

I am an active duty Army Major in the Acquisition Corps. While I don't believe I am capable of performing my duties right now, I am quickly recovering.

My MEB has not been initiated yet.

I've read through all the relevant sections of AR 40-400, AR 40-501, and AR 365-40, so I think I am generally familiar with the process.

Any thoughts on my chances of Returning to Duty?


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Hello 10 Second Bob.

First off, thank God you survived death, literally. I had a coworker die on the track during a PT test, and survive, before he found out he had tachycardia. He is a big strong man, with a good diet too. He used to use it as a pickup line, "I died before..." and somewhere later "you must be an angel". It worked, sometimes...

While he is an Air Force guy, he was actually in basic training when that happened. He has never deployed (even though we have to be deployable, for reporting purposes) but has served 2 tours in Korea, has 10 yrs ADAF and has had quite a few "no cardio/run" waivers. He also takes the meds required. He is still in, and has to go through the RILO every year through the DAWG. When he PCS's, he needs a waiver due to his ALC. He is 31 now. He had to pass the PT test with the run before he could get orders.

My suggestion is to also check out DoDI 1332.18. All of my other references I have seen are all AFI's, not sure if they will help Army. Best of luck.


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Wow. I'm glad you survived.

An ICD will likely be unfitting. But waivers happen. In due time, demonstrate your fitness, get you command behind you and say focused on continuing to serve. Looking fit, being fit, acting fit can help.

10 Second Bob

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Hotmic, Chapliancharlie,

Thanks, gents, for your replies. My MEB hasn't even started yet, so I still have a long way to go. I'm still working half-days as my therapy schedule allows.

Perhaps it is too early to worry about the outcome; focusing on recovery, I think, is a better way to spend my precious energy.


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SCA with exercise may be indicative of Long QT Syndrome. Have you been screened for Long QT?

I have it, found via genetic testing after my mother's SCA.

Just a thought.
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