SVT - Pill in Pocket therapy - Fit to deploy?


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8 year Active Duty Sailor
Diagnosed last July with AVNRT
4 ER Visits resulting in Cardiovert via Defibrillator each time
Finally found a beta blocker which allows me to control my condition without hospital visit. "pill in pocket" therapy, I only use drug once my heart goes into tachycardia and then it resets my hear to normal Sine Wave rhythm in 9 minutes or less
I have now had 10 episodes with the last 5 responding to the drug.
Most recent event randomly did not respond and I was once again taken to ER and Cardioverted Via electric shock.
First episode occured during a bicycle race on the weekend
Second episode occured at work during command PT- resulted in INitial diagnosis and First failed ablation
Every episode since has occured on my bike. (of note Command pt stopped or I may have had more incidents at work, my primary form of physical activity is on my bike outside of work)
I have since had two additional failed Ablations, I deployed after the second one, and had another episode 3 days down range and was sent to ER room in western friendly country in the middle east. Was sent home and have been in a semi-limbo state.
My command just assumes and keep pushing for a medical retirement.
My Cardiologist says I am fit for full and will not be recommending a board.
my concern is what has been addressed on here before, which is I will fail pretty much any screening I attempt and may be adsep'd before I can make a case for myself.
My CMC is aware and will do what he can to help me get on the PDRL or TDRL, but I am concern my condition does not warrant the 30% rating.
Considering all the above I would rather just stay active duty. I will bring all these concerns up with my Command Medical Officer and my Cardiologist at my appointment tomorrow. Then I intend on contacting my detailer and 'IS' Community Manager.
Is there anything else I should know or be concerned of? any thoughts?
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