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Hello, I am new to this forum. I have been diagnosed with Neurocardiogenic syncope. I was referred to a cardiologist and tested on the tilt table test and passed out. I was prescribed midodrine to help regulate my blood pressure but have still been getting dizziness and migraines. My PCM mentioned meb but I never heard again after that. Is this condition unfit or am I in the clear?

Thank you!!

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Wow, Force10- have no idea if unfit or not, and with changes to whole process and US Military Directive to "separate" non-deployable personnel within a year -think you are in right place to ask these questions.

Heart and blood pressure issues are nothing to mess around with as can lead to other, worse conditions, such a stroke, brain damage etc....

Hopefully, a SuperModerator, such as GSFolwer, this site will "chime" in and give you good advice not only on this condition, but given "changie's" system- on how you should proceed or get "pro-active" / "take the initiative" or not!

I would, personally, ensure while still on "active" duty you get the "best" treatment you can, before being "transitioned" to the most "awesome" care of the US Department of Veterans Affairs or US DVA.

I personally, know a veteran whom the US DVA/Gulf Coast VA system, has said they either have a bad section of heart and/or heart mumior- but have botched it every time- both in US DVA/ Gulf Coast VA System and "outside" Cardiology Group- they (gulf Coast VA) sent this veteran to......!!!! Tragically,this is path you might be headed.... "care of" the US DVA!!!!

Sorry to hear about your condition and hope GSFowler or other SuperModerator' "join" in nd give you some good advice and can perhaps lay out a good "glide" path for you ahead of time.....

Best of luck......

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In the resource section of the PEBFOURM there documents that says what is unfitting by service branch.

Force10- I would suggest you "take the initative" and do as per ChaplianCharlie above suggest's! Then after due diligence in, basically "homework" perhaps come back and ask for clarity on anything either confusing or you do not understand, or even if "think understand"- CLARIFY!

Hope this helps Force10.....
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