Taking away VA benefits?


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A colleague told me today that if I am rated service connected for mental health, in order to keep receiving my benefits I will have to see a psychiatrist as perscribed.

I plan on moving to a foreign country where there is no VA and seeing how good life can be. Sort of a trial and error.

Is it true the VA can discontinue benefits after you leave the service if you don't conistently see a psychiatrist?

P.S save your energy and don't bother saying it is important to see a psychiatrist if you have mental health issues, that's not the topic at issue here.



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Tough to say. I work at the VA and here's what I know. I can tell you that I have seen veterans get "audited" by the C/P offices for veterans that are 100%. They are reviewed every 3-5 years to ensure they are still qualified for 100% (usually for PTSD). It's rare but I have seen the percentage get reduced. I would say if your service connected for mental health, I would still see someone outside the VA. If you ever needed to show proof of those records, you could. Good luck!
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