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TBI process. I'm new to this.


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Hello all. Been looking at these forums for all of a day. Lots of info on here, which is good.


I'm currently EOD. Back in 2010 I was knocked unconscious for more than a minute during a jump. Had lots of complications and residual symptoms. Put all of that behind me and moved on with my career. Thru that time I had difficulty that increased thru the years and had all symptoms of major memory loss, headaches/migranes/difficulty learning/speaking and so on. Had some deployments, 1 to afghan... where the same song and dance of blast.

I've also had hernia surgery, major back issues. I still have complications from the hernia due to the mesh and scar tissue. Was just seen bc I thought I had another surgery.

So, I've been to my PCM and she stated I had a lot going on and by the end of it.. I would most likely be Med boarded (she's also just a nurse practitioner). I had a MRI which came back with just sinusitis. I'm on an Air force base and I'm Navy and seems like they do things differently. What concerns me is that I was referred to the TBI clinic which is part of mental health (didn't make me too happy). The doc referred me to go do that Neuro test thing and some other things. But I did ask her like what to prepare myself for, specifically referencing a Med board. Bc let's be honest.. I've been in for 9 yrs and have run with the best for awhile and I know I'm not able to go back operational. I have finally accepted with myself that my career in the military is over. But she was only a Physiatrist and said that a Med board isn't normal for TBI. I also spoke with occupational health (she was prob the most interesting) She said that I should pursue my other issues as the main reason for Med board rather than the TBI.. TBI would be tacked on later. I really don't know what that means.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Should I request to do this thru the NAVY, do I have to? Should I go get seen more for the other things?

Thanks for any help.