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I was given TDRL for SLE Lupus at 60%. The VA had 6 months to do an re-eval they came back at 100% within a month of my retirement. I was given a DD149 to submit to the Board of Correction. TDRL POC stated they have up to 12 months for a re-eval even though the VA updated rating after 30 days and new evidence. Debating should I wait to see if TDRL will make a decision in 6 months (Dec) or 12 months (June). If I submit the DD149 attached with my new vA rating will that hinder my chances to file with the BCMR if the TDRL makes a decision in Dec 2017...I have heard of veterans being placed on PDRL after 6 months and others 18 months? Should I hire a lawyer?


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If the VA increased your rating to 100%, there should be nothing to worry about.

Ask yourself this question, what is going to be more financially beneficial, increasing your medical retirement from 60% to 75% or VA C&P at the 100% scheduler rate?
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