TDRL to PDRL after first re-evaluation


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I was originally TDRL'ed in 2010 for MS and given a 40% rating for bladder issues. My TDRL re-evaluation was 29 months after my original retirement so they were a little behind with the re-evaluation. Time from re-evaluation to findings was about 4-5 weeks. When I went to my re-eval I took a written NARSUM that I asked my civilian nuerologist to write for me detailing all of the ailments he was treating me for and the medicines we had tried. I also had a migraine journal for the last four months. The military doctor wrote his NARSUM and sent photocopies of the civilian paperwork. I made the mistake of not asking to read the military doctors NARSUM before it was submitted but it all worked out. The TDRL re-eval process was very strange in that I never had any clue what was going on. I guess you have a PEBLO but I never knew who they were and I still don't know who took care of my case. The entire process consisted of me getting my appointment information/orders via email. Showing up for the appointment and talking to the doctor for about 20 minutes and getting a quick five minute neuro evaluation. Then I received my ratings in the mail 5 weeks later. When I originally retired, I went through the pilot joint DOD/VA system and received my 40%DOD/50%VA rating. This time around the VA had no part in the re-eval so I am assuming I will have to go through the VA separately to get my VA percentage updated. Anyway, all that being said, I was given 80%PDRL for the re-evaluation. I quickly signed my 356 and priority mailed it back in. I have not found a lot of information on MS TDRL re-evaluations so I just wanted to give a little insight into my experience. Good luck everyone and take care!


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Can you please help me with any info you may have in regards to your post. I to was diagnosed with MS while on AD. I received a 50% rating from DoD & 80 from VA. My questions are:

1. Are you receiving both compensations? I was originally told I would be able to & now they are telling me no since I did not serve a full 20.

2. Did they give you a combat-related status or have you applied for CRSC & do you know how it works?

Thank you for any information you may have as I can talk to 10 different people & get 10 different answers. All of this is still new to me as I was just placed on TDRL in Nov. 2012 & my EAS was Jan. 30, 2013.
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