(TEMDU) Overseas screening found me fit (but I’m not)


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I’ve been in the Navy for approximately a year and a half and was involved in a terrible car accident 4 months ago that Im still recovering from mentally and physically.

Ive been on TEMDU for 4 months but was just now found “fit” by my doctors and am to report to an aircraft carrier next week.

I failed my initial overseas screening and last week was forced to complete another one because my TEMDU expired. The screener said “Yeah this is gonna come back unfit”, and apparently it did, but PERS overrode that and said I’m to fulfill my orders.

My doctors continuously denied me LIMDU because my conditions on their own weren’t enough to warrant it and instead sent me to physical therapy which did nothing.

As of now I have extreme back pain, neck pain, anal fissure, depression, PTSD, and a clavicle malunion fracture. I still have follow up appointments, including an initial consultation with a psychologist and ortho spine specialist to diagnose me for those new conditions, yet theyre STILL trying to send me out ASAP.

What can I do? I literally have three appointments scheduled that could change my medical status.

My back and mental health are being evaluated for the first time and I’m shocked PERS or my SMO (whoever) overrode the screening with the laundry list of existing and new conditions that i have. Its almost as if they want me to lie and say “yeah im fine”.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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