TERA Vs. CH 61 *post-FPEB Implications


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Posing a question to see what you think could happen in a theoretical situation:

Active Duty O4
22 Reserve 'SAT' years, of which 16 are active duty years
FBEB finds service member UNFIT
Unfitting condition(s) rated at 70%, and are COMBAT RELATED
Total VA disability 100%

1. Concur with board and CH 61 retire

2. Employ UNIFT finding to apply and be approved for TERA.

Question: IF service-member elects option (2), does he retain the 70% Military Service disability % when retired under TERA?

*Since the FPEB military service disability has to 'mirror' the VA% if retired under CH 61, I am trying to decide WHICH option (1 or 2) would be the best outcome of benefits. Assumption is also that combat related unfitting conditions would be approved for CRSC.

Any thoughts from the forum on which option would be the best road to go down?


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TERA is the best option but what is the likelihood of it? As far as I know the TERA authorization is ending this year. Army has pretty much ended it already. Not sure about the other branches.


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I’m USMC, and while our service does not really advertise it, it appears they tend to hold them for ‘hardship’ type cases. It’s not guaranteed I’ll be approved, but when I get board results back, I’m leaning towards applying for it yes.

Do you know if I’ll retain the DoD rating if I do this?

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I have not looked at the TERA regulations in a while, but, my recollection is that a predicate was not being undergoing processing for retirement/separation for any other reasons.

To answer your question, no, you would not retain DoD disability retirement rating...your calculation would be based on years of service.

I don't know why you would even consider pursuing TERA given the assumptions you stated. Seems to me you will get much more with the current disposition.


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The services are authorized to use TERA to shape their forces through 2025: https://www.dfas.mil/retiredmilitary/plan/retirement-types/2012-18tera.html . It was extended from 2018 to 2025 in one of the recent NDAAs (I think 2017...not sure). I'm pretty sure Mr. Perry is correct though in that TERA is most likely not offered if you're currently going through a MEB process. It was offered to passed-over Majors in lieu of separation (following a twice non-select to Lieutenant Colonel), but I've never heard of someone being offered TERA in lieu of an MEB separation/retirement.
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