The VA is AMAZING.... But


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I was medically retired in 2016 (AGR) and I was highly impressed with the process and timeliness as it took 6 months from start to finish. Of course the communication could have been better but I'm not complaining.

BUT, I have recently gotten aggravated

1. I filed in Aug 2014 originally and the VA cancelled it because they thought I was active duty at the time. I was national guard then. They eventually restarted the claim and my award date became May 2016. Should I not have an award date of Aug 2014?? I filed an appeal 1.5 years ago lol. I'm curious as to your thoughts on if I am right or wrong.

2. I retired in MAy 2016 from the guard. I got my first pay in July 2016 and havent looked back....but last November the VA sent me a letter saying I drilled all of 2016 and they want their money back, $1,500. I attempted multiple times with negative results trying to show them I never drilled after May 2016 but it was a lost cause. Now they take $132 out of my monthly payment. It's not a huge deal, but I filed a NOR on that and still havent heard anything. The Va reps on the phone understood my situation but kept passing the buck...

My thoughts on the VA switched 180 degrees! Venting... I guess.
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