They are refusing to give me a date


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Good morning all,
So here is the gist of what is going on with me. I am in the United States Air Force as an e-4. I've been in for almost 3 years. I was diagnosed with sinus tachycardia 2 years ago. They started me on medication that made my condition worse and actually caused more side effects than I was anticipating. This led to a lot of being late and just general My Life falling apart because the medicine was that brutal. Also a lot of personal issues that I won't go into. My supervision new of my issues and told me that it would be okay but about 4 months ago they slapped me with a whole bunch of LORs and even though I fought them because I had proof that everything in my file was due to medical issues they didn't care and they made me take the letters of reprimand anyway. They even went as far as giving me an unfavorable information file because I have a particular Master Sergeant who hates my guts still not sure why. Anyway fast forward to January they tell me that I'm being generally discharged. Now keep in mind my PCM on base told me that there was no way he was going to Med board me because he didn't know what my sinus tachycardia was related to. He also diagnosed me with tachycardia in 2016 and just never told me the only reason I found out I had it was because I saw an actual cardiologist off base. And yes I've gone to the patient advocate many times they told me that my PCM has no obligation to inform me of any diagnosis he gives me. This part is crucial in my story: I saw a third cardiologist who ordered a tilt table test for me and told me that I now have neurocardiogenic syncope. Since 2016 I have been having blackout episodes at least once a month. They even went as far as to take my driving privileges away and my working privilege away and they also told me that I wasn't allowed to exercise but then two weeks before my PT test the PCM took the profile away. And no they did not give me the AFI 42 day grace period to retrain for my PT test. I find out I'm getting generally discharged they sat on it for almost a month and then finally gave me the discharge packet yesterday but in the packet there is still no actual discharge date. So I can't even apply for VA disability, my wife cannot sign up for insurance at her work yet without a date also. I am meeting with the Meb people on Friday but I highly doubt that they are going to Med board me. Although I now have sinus tachycardia linked to the neurocardiogenic syncope I still don't see them doing anything about it because they don't seem to really care about my health issues to begin with. I would also like to add that I am getting a heart monitor implanted into my chest next Tuesday. So my issue is this command won't give me a discharge date and I can't do anything without that discharge date. Basically from what the First Sergeant's told me they're going to sit on it and then give me a heads up three days prior and then I'm gone. They are trying to push this so fast to the point where they're trying to get me out by this Friday out of my Squadron that is not the actual Air Force. They are acting like I did something terrible but at the end of the day I didn't do anything terrible I just had a really rough summer because of this medication. Is there any way that I can fight for this discharged date just so that I can get my life in order before they decide to screw me over? Any information would be greatly appreciated I feel pretty lost right now


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You might want to file a Congressional. Be sure you provide supporting documents. You generally file a Congressional through your home district.


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If you do not know your Congressman. You can find out at this website:
Thank you sir for the response. My wife contacted our state senator yesterday and they immediately sent over the needed paperwork so they can help. I just don't want to piss off this commander who clearly wants see me get screwed, and I fear of I involve the senator that he could change my discharge or do something worse.
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