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This seems to be an illegitimate explanation of LODs

I received this email today from my medical station that is processing my LOD appeal. This does not seem to be legitimate as I have NEVER heard of active duty medical record being considered "administrative LOD". It seems like they are trying to bypass me from going through an MEB and trying to just separate me when I deserve medical retirement.

As I told you before, LODs has 3 types. In the AFI, it does not talk about
informal LOD. All it say is LOD determination. In Active Duty, if anyone
see a military doctor and once it is documented in the medical record, it is
called "administrative LOD". Administrative LOD was a final determination
from Active Duty. In Active Duty, Informal LODs are used for when there is
a possibility of misconduct involve. So, the term LOD is kinda negative in
Active Duty because it is to prove that there was no misconduct involve.
So, in your case of administrative LOD from active duty, you are authorized
to get compensation with VA and also receive free care if those claims come
back with VA compensation rating.


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AFI 36-3212 page 17, paragraph 3.20 Line of Duty Determinations. Specifically 3.20.2 starts to talk about administrative LOD determinations.

AFI 36-2910 2.3.1 specifically talks about Administrative LODs.

Hope these references help you out.