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Dec 2010- 1st Limdu
June 2011- 2nd Limdu
Jan 2012- 3rd Limdu
July 2 2012- MEB initiated
Aug 21 2012- Deemed unfit by MED, Package signed for submission to PEB

We'll wait and see. I hear it has been going quicker here lately.

Referred Condition:
1. Left shoulder posterior labral tear with posterior instability (ROM Forward Flexion 80 deg. pain at 45, abduction 60 deg pain at 45, ext rotation 45 deg pain at 10, int rotation 35 deg pain at 5).
2. Left biceps tendonopathy s/p biceps tenodesis
3. Diabetes Type II
4. Hypercalcemia
5. Adjustment disorder with anxiety and depressed moods (GAF 70)

Claimed Conditions:
1. Chronic Insomnia
2. Hypertension
3. Migraines
4. Chronic Ottitis Medea
5. Right epididymalgia w/ chronic pain
6. Chronic Pain Syndrome

Any thoughts or ideas on my rating without referring me to the VASRD would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thanks- John
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