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This is a great reference. Is it correct to say this is only a reference?
The USCG usually goes along with the DOD on most things. I have been waiting for my Dr to write up the MEB report since my complete physical on 24Mar and me completing follow up visits with other Dr's. I have emailed her various questions about my meds and she responds to them quickly. When I ask about the status of the MEB report I get no response. All of this after she told me several times before my physical that we need to hurry and complete the MEB. Another great case of hurry up and wait. I am patiently waiting. I hope the wait will benefit with a well written MEB report. :rolleyes:
Not that I am in a hurry, just the unknown begins to weigh heavy. OK, I am starting to vent.


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This is a great reference. Is it correct to say this is only a reference?

Yup, just like anything else that deals with the MEB/PEB. Though something can not be over xx days old.



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To give you an Idea of the MEB/PEB time line
Here is my intail date of MEB starting
that is the day I took Phase I physical, My COC was altered 21 Dec 08 about my MEB. I am stilll waiting to hear results of my MEB.


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My journey has been a long one. I started being seen for my foot condition shortly after I got to my first base. They diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis in 2003. The next couple years I was okay. I continued to be able to fulfill all of my the duties of my job and PT, with an occasional profile. I was repeatedly diagnosed with different foot problems to include tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and micro tears on my achilles tendon. At one point they even made me take a blood test to see if I had some type of degenerative disorder that was causing my achilles tendon to break down. Because of the tears I would be on a profile for awhile and in physical therapy to let them heal and then get back into running. My PT scores were good without any exemptions. I was exempted from the run in 2007 and did the 3 mile walk instead and passed just fine.

I was seen by physical therapy multiple times in the last few years, a podiatrist, and an orthopedist. In October 2007, when physical therapy had failed to heal my tendon back to where it needed to be, the ortho doctor put me in a non weight bearing cast for 4 weeks. That did little to fix the problem and I had to once again start physical therapy to rebuild the muscle I lost in my calf during the casting and my tendon was still weak. By this point, due to recurring injury I had tendonitis and possible bursitis in my right foot and my tendon was sheathed in scar tissue so much that I couldnt flex my calf. So, in September 2008, my PCM sent me to an orthopedic surgeon.

The surgeon took x rays and looked at my MRI results and indicated that I had a haglund's deformity, retrocalcaneal bone spur and my achilles tendon would need to be debrided and repaired to take care of the scar tissue and get to the bone spur. He also noted that all conservative treatment had been done and said that surgery would be the next step. So, I had my surgery Oct 15, 2008. The doc removed the bone spur, shaved off a quarter of my heel bone, and detached/re-attached, repaired, and debrided my achilles tendon. I was in a splint for two weeks, non weight bearing.

After that I was in a walking boot with gradual weening off the crutches. I started physical therapy November 17th. Everything was going alright, until PT increased my program to the next step. The first day I started the more intense program I was in a lot of pain but I attributed it to just the increase in workout and everything being weak. A week into it though, I couldn't walk, or even sit without being in severe pain and I had a noticeable divet and bruising along my tendon. My doc referred me to get an MRI, gave me pain meds and put me back in my walking boot.

The ortho surgeon checked it out and said that I may have partially torn my achilles tendon or..it could just be post surgical change...that was it. He didnt seem worried and gave me some topical pain reliever that included a med for nerve block,pain relief, and a muscle relaxer. (Tricare didnt cover it) He pulled me out of physical therapy.

Its now June...I'm still not in physical therapy (per his orders) and I still cant run or walk or stand for more than a continuous twenty minutes without severe pain. My civilian surgeon seemed unconcerned at my negative recovery and has just continued to give me things for pain. I am eight months post-op. He said to come back in 5-6 months. Prior to surgery I was borderline flat footed. After surgery I have a noticeable arch in my right foot and my second toe is curling in. I asked the surgeon if this is normal and he said, " I dont know, do you think its normal?"...so...No explanation for these changes, or the pain. I asked for a second opinion but was told it would be a third opinion since I saw a podiatrist in 2007. (What?)

Still waiting on my IPEB results. My MEB started at the end of January. I had to go meet with my surgeon and get another x ray (which makes little sense because the pain isnt in my bones, its my tendon and soleus) and meet with my doc. The NARSUM was submitted at the end of March and my package was recieved at AFPC April 28th. My enlistment ended April 23rd, 2009 so now I am basically just on med hold waiting for the outcome.

Here's the kicker though... because I had bilateral foot pain after basic training, the local MEB determined that my issues existed prior to service (because of BI lateral foot pain reported w/i 6 months of entering service, but was only treated on my left foot, which subsequently healed) and only put chronic achilles tendonitis on my 618. On top of that the ortho doc on base wrote that i had full ROM and was not on any anti inflammatory medication. Although, on the same page it says that I am taking Voltaren (an anti-inflammatory commonly used for people with rheumatoid arthritis) and darvocet for pain. So hopefully the IPEB pays attention to my letter of explanation and all the doctors notes.

I wrote my LOE using my medical records and basically created an unemotionoal timeline quoting the docs verbatim from my records that I have. So if it comes to a formal I have everything. I also got my medical records from back home to prove that I never had any foot problems before I came in. I just got a really great job offer exactly where I want to work, but I cant formally accept because I need to give them the date that I can work.

I also now have the question of...if my IPEB findings are not what I would like, then do I delay my job to fight it at the formal board? So, I continue to be frustrated and wait. I've been trying to take advantage of the time by completing all the free training I can still get. My work has been good with the whole process and letting me do whatever I need to do to prepare myself for transition to a civilian and also letting me go to all my doctor's appointments, so I'm thankful for that. But...I'm still waiting and this sucks.

Basic Timeline:
April 2003- Entered Active Duty
October 2003-Diagnosed with Bilateral Foot Pain
Various physical therapy, profiles, and doctor's visits in between. No interference with job function, limited interference with squadron PT, PT tests completed no problem.
April 2007-Significant changes, no longer able to "bounce back" after achilles tendon tear, too much scar tissue interfering with muscle flexion. Start physical therapy again.
October 2007- Physical therapy unsuccessful. Ortho casted my right foot with non weight bearing cast for four weeks. Unsuccessful. Back in PT for a few months to recover from casting and try to repair the tendon again
September 2008- Visit with PCM. Orders MRI and Xray. Refers me to off base ortho surgeon
October 2008- Ortho surgery done. 1/4" bone shaved off right heel (haglunds deformity) retrocalcaneal bone spur removed, achilles tendon detached/re-attached and scar tissue debridement. soft splint for 2 weeks then walking boot with limitied/gradually increased weight bearing
Nov 2008-Start physical therapy
Jan 2009- Achilles tendon suspected partial tear from increase in physical therapy program. Taken out of physical therapy. MEB initiated towards the end of the month
Mar 2009- NARSUM complete
April 2009- Local MEB done. Determined existed prior to service, referred to IPEB for chronic achilles tendonitis
Apr 2009- Commanders recommendation and flight chief recommendation, loe complete.
April 28, 2009- AFPC recieves MEB Package.
August 12, 2009- Recieved my findings. 10% disability- Discharge w/ severence pay


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I don’t know if my case fits the norm on here or not but for what it’s worth here it is.
04/2006 While on active duty I suffered a medical incident that forced me to have major surgery.
12/2006 medical board started and I was rated at 30% and place on TDRL effective 03/2007
10/2011 I was notified that I would be placed in a non-pay status on the TDRL pending another medical board effective 03/2012.


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I don’t know if my case fits the norm on here or not but for what it’s worth here it is.
04/2006 While on active duty I suffered a medical incident that forced me to have major surgery.
12/2006 medical board started and I was rated at 30% and place on TDRL effective 03/2007
10/2011 I was notified that I would be placed in a non-pay status on the TDRL pending another medical board effective 03/2012.
Can someone explain to me how you are in a pay status if you are on TDRL? I don't understand the Non-pay Status.


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I can't explain the system but I can tell you that for the last 5 years period that will end 3/2012 for me, I have received 50% of what my retired pay would have been. Now they are going to stop paying me since they can only pay you on the TDRL for up to 5 years by law.


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But wouldnt you go on PDRL at that point? to continue you for retirement so that you can get your benefits?


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I've been told they are working on it, but that I will be considered on the TDRL/non-pay untill the case is finalized. I was told to expect to have to go for a medical exam at Mac Dill AFB. sometime soon. But no real dates as of yet.

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If possible, can anyone tell me the amount of time it takes for PDR orders>

I have received notification from my PUEBLO that the PEB found be to 80% disabled resulting from armed conflict and classified as PDR. I have already received my DA Form 199 / DA Form 5892 / DA Form 5893 stating my ratings, estimated retirement pay, and status. I have been asking how long it takes for the actual PDR/Retirement orders takes so I can begin using tricare benifits for my children. I have not been able to get any concrete answers and was hoping someone can help me. Thank you.

Chris French

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Just figured Id throw in my 2 cents.

May 18 Diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes
Mid June MEB completed
Late August PEB submitted
Sept 17 board results in
Ill probably be out by November or sooner

Gotta love this downsizing!!!
Shafted again by the green weenie!


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I received my unfit memo on 15 November 2012. Since then I have been waiting for the Seattle VA to rate my case. So currently that would put me 2 weeks shy of 7 months that I have been waiting for them to simply put percentages to my case. I have at this point called everyone possable to include the 1800 VA number, a 202 number for the VA office in Washington DC, i have filled a congressional and of course I contact my PEBLO weekly to see if for some chance she might have found out something. My Ebenefits says that my case is in the PREPERATION FOR DECISION. There has been no news about my case since November 2012 when I found out I was unfit. If anyone knows anything that i can do or try i will. If it is to call someone please provide me their number. Any help that anyone can give me is appreciated.

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While I was assigned to the Wounded Warrior Program, I received a 40% disability retirement pay from the Army effective 17 October 2010 due to bilateral rotator cuff surgeries.

But while I was in the program I went to a Psychiatric Medical Evaluation Board at David Eisenhower Army Medical Center at Fort Gordon, GA on 14 April 2010 in which I was found with PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder, both chronic, with on set back 1991 when I was at Desert Storm. This medical finding made me unfit for my duties IAW AR 40-501 Ch 3 para 32 & para 33.

However, the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) Proceeding only assigned me a 40% for both shoulders. Did not assign me any percentage in reference to my PTSD or Major Depressive Disorders because I was on active duty and my OER’s demonstrated excellent performance. Even I had been on mental care since 2006.

I started receiving my disability Social Security on March 2010, while I was still on active duty due to PTSD and Major Depressive Disorders. VA finally sent me my Decision after over two and a half years as a 100% Total and Permanent Disable, chapter 35 and so on. VA assigned me 70% on PTSD and Major Depressive disorders. I understand that one agency does not overrule another, ei, Social Security over the Army and so forth. My questions are:

Can I request a review of my case to the ABCMR in reference to my PTSD and Major Depressive disorders?

If I request a review, can the board lower my current percentage, 40% due to my shoulders surgeries?

Do I need a lawyer if I pursue the case?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

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