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The question on most of our minds is this:

How long is it all going to take?

This is an attempt to answer that question, but it's going to take all of us to do it. The idea is to give a very detailed account of the timeline of each person's case. It's one thing to say "in February I was tumpy tumpy" but there's a world of difference and two pay periods between the beginning of the month and end of it.

Somwhere there's the theory if the sample population (ours here) is large enough, it comes to represent the whole (all military members going through this). If there are enough people who take notes and are good at remembering dates, or do like I do and keep a monthly planner you can keep notes in, then it would go a long way to easing others' minds about how long they should really expect things to take.

I want to thank you all for participating!



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October 9, 2007: First LIMDU period starts. Went to Ortho, told my doctors my command wanted me on LIMDU, they filled out the paperwork and I submitted it to the MEB office.
Original LIMDU end date: 09 April 2008

January 4, 2008 (87 Days Later): First Occupational Therapy appointment. Therapist said it could be up to 18 months before I regain the full use of my hand, or as much as I'll ever get back.

January 22, 2008 (18 Days Later): Follow-up with Ortho Hand. Relayed therapist's message. Doctor said next month he would write an extension for a second LIMDU period.

February 25, 2008 (34 Days Later): Follow up with Ortho Knee. Discussed Ortho Hand's recommendation for second LIMDU. They wrote up the paperwork for the second LIMDU.

February 26, 2008 (1 Day Later): Follow up with Ortho Hand. Showed him the paperwork from Ortho Knee. He signed it. Took it over to MEB office, they started the second LIMDU backdated to 25 February 2008, the date of the LIMDU extension in the paper.
Second LIMDU end date: 25 August 2008

March 11, 2008 (14 Days Later): Sent off a copy of electronic medical records to my civilian legal counsel. This is just to give an idea of how early in the process I wanted to begin putting together the case for the PEB.

June 19th, 2008 (100 Days Later):
Finally told MEB would be started. Waiting for e-mail of dictation number to become collecting an addendum from each other doctor that I've seen.

July 1st, 2008 (11 Days Later):
Met with case manager to start putting together MEB packet.

July 8th, 2008 (7 Days Later):
Read NARSUM, signed Notice to submit rebuttal to NARSUM. Also attended DTAP.

July 10th, 2008 (2 Days Later):
Completed MEB physical.

July 15th, 2008 (5 Days Later):
Submitted rebuttal to NARSUM.

August 5th, 2008 (21 Days Later):
MEB Packet sent out.

September 17th, 2008 (43 Days Later): IPEB results come in: unfit with 20%.

October 2nd, 2008 (15 Days Later):
Received formal board date of 18 November.

November 14th, 2008 (43 Days Later): Received 40% TDRL rating from the formal board two days before I was supposed to fly out.

February 4th, 2009 (82 Days Later): Received retirement orders and signed copies of DD214 to be sent out to various officials.

Total Time to Date: 483 Days, or 1 Year And Almost 4 Months

When new events pop up, I will edit this post to include them. Stay tuned! :)


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damagedgoods timeline (Illinois Army National Guard)

June 29, 2007: Received VA award letter of 100% for PTSD

August 4, 2007 (36 days later): Turned in award letter to National Guard Unit

Sept. 11, 2007 (39 days later): Received memo stating "Non-duty related" medical discharge. Fought with state Medical branch to send me to Active Duty MEB process.

November 5, 2007 (55 days Later): Mental Health Evaluation at Ft. Knox Kentucky, psychologist referred me to MEB. (7 hour drive one way)

December 20, 2007 (45 days later): MEB appointment in Ft. Knox Kentucky with Psychiatrist.

December 27, 2007 (7 days later): Physical for MEB at Ft. Knox Kentucky.

February 27, 2008 (60 days later): Received MEB packet for signature from PEBLO (side note: our Peblo told us she was leaving and we would have a new one assigned on 2-29-08 right in the middle of our 3 day window for signing the MEB packet)

March 3, 2008 (5 days later): Turned in MEB packet with appeal letter

March 11, 2008 (8 days later): PEBLO called said packet with appeal was approved

March 12, 2008 (1 day later): MEB packet being sent to PEB


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Not exactly in the "approved" format, but this is copy/pasted from a post I made at mil.com:

I just returned from my PEB at Lackland. Very scary process to think about and can definitely cause anxiety. However, looking back now it was pretty smooth sailing thanks to my counsel who really prepared me for what I would be facing.

My IMEB was initiated on 19 December 07. I got word in very early February 08 of the informal board's decision. You are given three duty days to decide if you accept the findings or if you are going to demand a formal board hearing. I decided to appeal and less than a week later I received my FPEB date of 31 March 08.

Upon arrival at Lackland on 31 March, I met with my assigned counsel and we discussed my case. My hearing date was set for 3 April (3 days later). I met with my counsel again on Wednesday afternoon and we went over the final "plan of attack" and the protocol of the FPEB (entering, reporting, etc...). My hearing ended up being delayed until Friday afternoon, but it all went well. It wasn't as "cold" as the video makes it out to be (you'll watch a video on the FPEB process if you appeal). The board was very personable, but professional. They made me feel at ease with the situation.

The board deliberates your case immediately and you return to the board room to be informed of the board's findings. You then can either accept the board's findings or you have 24 hours to appeal. I can't tell you about the process of appealing to the Office of the SECAF, but perhaps someone else here can.

From what I saw and overheard down there, all of the attorneys for assigned counsel are very good at what they do. My assigned counsel was a retired AF member, but I believe everyone else there was AD. I am told that the DAV in San Antonio has a few very knowledgeable folks that can assist with your counsel, as well.
I would be misleading if I told you that this all began with my accident on 25 June 06. For lack of more vulgar words, I was dicked around by my current assignment (I'll spread the blame around here to more than just one agency) for the better part of two years. I was most definitely "out of sight, out of mind" and my name only came up when an ORI was looming (as is now). March of last year I had my FIRST initial MEB physical with my PCM on base. That one appointment is all that ever came of that until late, late last year when the new ORI ramp-up began. My EPR date even passed without a word.

I have to say that my "REAL" MEB started in late November with my second "initial MEB physical with yet another PCM that had never seen me before. So, November 07 - April 08 for all to be said and done. Just waiting on the final findings to make it back to this base and to get my effective retirement date. Perhaps I'll come back and break it down with bolded dates later today.


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July2005, Injured in Iraq. June 2006 injured in combatives course.

September 2006, placed in Medical Holdover with five line of duties (1. thyroid nodule/thymic hyperplasia; 2. migraines, post concussive; 3. sleep apnea; 4. knee injury; 5. shoulder injury).

December 2006, released from Medical Holdover with a fit-for-duty, despite my requests (and eventually begging) to stay on orders for treatment.

July 2007, Received VA disability ratings; 100% for Thyroid Cancer; 50% for Migraines; 50% for Sleep Apnea; 30% for TBI; 10% for vertigo; 10% for knee injury; 10% for shoulder injury; 10% for hypertension; 10% tinnitus.

November 2007, Notified by my unit that I was being referred to an MMRB to determine if I am retainable in the National Guard.

December 2007, received a phone call from the MMRB doctor stating that he issuing me a P2 for sleep apnea and knee injury but was otherwise fit for duty. When I ask about my other LOD medical issues, he said he can only report on the two LODs that my unit supplied to him...guess they forgot about the other three LODs. I ask if I needed to come in for an exam, and he said "no need, I have all I need in your file". He said I was Fit-for-Duty, but that I should just enjoy my VA disability and ets from the national guard when my enlistment ended in FEB 08.

January 6, 2008, I contacted my unit to find out how I can receive treatment for my LODs at the local Military Treatment Facility (MTF), and they said that I am not eligible for treatment because I am fit for duty.

February 12, 2008, I contacted the MTF and ask them how I can receive treatment, and after bouncing from one office to another, they determined that there was some mistake in my case and they would initiate a MEB that day. I contacted my unit to find out what I needed to do to extend my ETS until after the MEB was finished, I was told it was taken care of.

February 29, 2008, ETS date. I was notified that I was ETSd on the 29th and my MEB was stopped because they can't board someone who is no longer in the Army. I had to spend the next two weeks arguing with my unit about my status and running around to local National Guard units trying to find an officer willing to sign an extension for a soldier from a different state. (The Washington State National Guard at Camp Murry is full of professional, respectful soldiers, and both their NCOs and Officers were very helpful)

March 11, 2008, attended the MEB/PEB briefing and was given appointment dates and assigned to a PEBLO.

March 14, 2008, 1st appointment with MEB doctor. He submitted referral to pulmonary clinic and cardio clinic.

April 4, 2008, attended appointment in both pulmonary and cardio clinic.
Currently waiting for date of 2nd appointment with MEB doctor for NARSUM.


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Just signed my paperwork, TDRL for moderate asthma!

18 Nov 07- Diagnosed with moderate asthma
24 Dec 07-Sleep Study, OSA w/CPAP
19 Feb 08- MEB referred me to the IPEB for Asthma and OSA
4 Mar 08- My paperwork was sent to PEB
18 Apr 08- Awarded 30% for Asthma and placed on TDRL.

I haven't received my orders yet, but was told I should have them by Tuesday. I'll knock out as much as I can and burn the 20 days of leave I have.

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Congratulations! I hope you continue to check back here and let us know how things go. Also, look at some of the other threads on TDRL. The common issue with asthma on re-evaluation is if people stop taking their medication (or don't document that they have picked up their prescriptions) they are later separated.

Best of luck with whatever you choose to do next!

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Air Force MEB to PEB timeline for me- Diagnosed Sept 07, MEB signed Mar 3 08, Recieved PEB findings 17 Apr 08, TDRL, with a 40% rating. Maybe this help someone else get an idea of what the timeline COULD be. Jim H:confused:


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Thank you! And thank you for all of the information you and this site have provided! I was frantic and nervous, just like everyone else!
So, they go off of medication use for asthma? Thats good to know and I'll make sure to always pick my meds up on time.
Good luck to everyone else!

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I have seen several cases where once separated, Servicemembers start living a more sedentary lifestyle and their asthma may not be as much of an issue. This sometimes leads to skipped medication. Another issue is they may tend to seek less medical care for their condition, perhaps because they do not live close to their provider, or due to other conditions they do not have the desire/motivation to go to get care (it is easier when the MTF is on post where they are every day; sometimes the distance proves a challenge). In these cases, they may have stopped taking the prescribed medication daily and drop down to a few times per week. As a result, their medication profile does not reflect daily use and they are separated. So, it is very important to take your prescribed meds and to pick them up from the pharmacy. If you don't, the basis for rating for medication use is not met.


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Thats great information to know! Thank you for your help, I'll keep on here to keep myself updated and hopefully help others!
Best of luck to everyone!!!



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In my case I use my family Doc alot since my MTF is pretty-much a clinic and its also 45 minutes away. He always gives me free samples of some of the meds i use like, Xopenex & Advair. I hope they dont think that im not taking my meds?! Is this not a good thing?


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That could be an issue. You need to have a documented medication profile to susbstantiate your use of meds. Your meds should be covered under TriCare. Without some objective proof of your taking these meds (and the medication profile is the most common evidence looked at by the PEB) it is hard to show you actually take these meds. I would consider making sure you pick up your meds under your own prescription and not rely on samples.


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Thanks for the good info. I will make sure that I do that from now on and just use the samples as a backup in case i run out.


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:confused:With Sleep Apnea and use of the CPAP, just wondering why you didn't get that 50% rating; instead got the lower 30-40% for the other condition?


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I have been going through the MEB as part of the Joint DOD/VA disability system pilot program for a while now. My package was officially sent to the IPEB 15 April. I am still waiting but my PEBLO told me that someone in their office right before me only took 2 weeks for the paperwork to come back. I am right at the 2 week mark right now so I am praying for the best. I was thinking it may be quicker than others since my package is part of the pilot program.


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Question: How do you know if you are part of the pilot program and what determines if you are in it? My records are up in NAF Washington, Andrews AFB and they tell me will be reviewed at Bethesda.


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Question: How do you know if you are part of the pilot program and what determines if you are in it? My records are up in NAF Washington, Andrews AFB and they tell me will be reviewed at Bethesda.
The pilot is being conducted for service members at the Washington, D.C., VA Medical Center, Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., and the Malcolm Grow Medical Center at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., and will run for one year. Through out the pilot, VA and DoD officials will monitor progress to determine potential expansion into other locations.The pilot includes all non-clinical care and administrative activities, such as case management and counseling requirements associated with disability case processing from the service member's initial referral to a Military Department Medical Evaluation Board to VA's compensation and benefits program.SOURCE U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Media Relations, +1-202-461-7600
Hope this helps
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