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I'm glad that it works out for you. I'm still curious about how they went about calculating those days, though. From what we'd read, it's 40 days but there's some other factor coming into play. That's interesting. It's good you got your BAS and BAH because that's a lot to loose out on. I'm in the DC area so I would really lose out.


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November 03 - Diagnosed with Mod Persistant Asthma
Moved from Sea to Shore duty for Testing/Changing Meds/trying to stay on Submarines
February 05 - Placed on Limited Duty
August 05 - Removed from Limited Duty Fit for full duty?? no restrictions??? Force converted due to "Sutability Screening"
August 05 to December 07 - Conversion acceptance and training (painful experiance)
March 08 - Experiance asthma related episode and chronic cough since early January
April 08 - Placed on Limited Duty
(1603 Days from first symptoms)
May 22 2008 - Started MEB
June 02 2008 (11 Days) - NMA Started (From present command NOT pervious like stated in the instruction)
June 13 2008 (22 Days)- Submission date. Told that cases are taking about 3 weeks to 1 month for an answer.
June 30 2008 (27 Days) - Returned FIT for Active Duty, but will be ADMIN SEPERATED for "Convenience to the government".
July 1, 2008 - Called Jason for help. (Best decision ever)
July 17, 2008 (18 Days) - Submitted the re-consideration back to the PEB
August 6, 2008 (20 Days) - Findings returned with UNFIT 30% TDRL and signed paperwork
August 18, 2008 (12 days) - Received TDRL Orders!!!! I am on the way out the door and will make sure it doesn't hit me where the good lord split me!

Total Time: 110 Days from the start of the MEB until my reciept of TDRL Orders... Patience is KEY!
Grand Total from first symptoms: 1713 Days or 4 Years and 252 Days


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My experience as an active duty member of the Air Force:

Mid-Dec 2007- PCM Started MEB package and set up necessary appts.

05 Feb 2008- Notified by PEBLO that the initial MEB Process has begun

05 Mar 2008 ? -Received results of on-base MEB -Refer to IPEB

21 Apr 2008 -Received results of IPEB -Unfit, Discharge with 10%

24 Apr 2008 -Signed paper -I did not concur and opted for Formal PEB

09 May 2008 -Received reporting date for Formal PEB

27 May 2008 -Reported to Formal PEB

30 May 2008 -Signed paper concurring with findings of TDRL 60%

07 Jul 2008 - Received retirement orders for TDRL


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Anyone have any updates for how long Air Force IPEB's are taking? When mine was sent out, I received a confirmation e-mail stating that it was received June 27th and I would receive results within 4-6 weeks, which is long passed. Last week, I sent a leave request to my PEBLO for this week and IPEB personnel sent an e-mail, saying, oh yeah, by the way, count 6-8 weeks from July 1st??? How can they play with people's lives like this??? They don't realize how much waiting affects all of us. It wouldn't be so bad if they gave more time to separate. Basically, I will have 40 days to have a job waiting for me, meanwhile, I can't tell employers when I would be available, nor can I rely on the Air Force's timeline! Maybe, next week, I will get another e-mail stating that it is now 8-10 weeks, than 10-12 weeks, etc. etc. This is B.S. Any inputs?


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I'm going through the same thing. They started the meb process for me for my asthma and my right wrist on march 08 and they sent it out on june 5, and the ipeb sent something back on aug 18 saying they needed some range of motion on my right wrist, but they did not even say anything about my asthma and I am in a career field in the air force that deploys a lot and I can not even wear my gas mask. I do not know if they will return me to duty or medically discharge me and I am wondering what they will do and how much longer it will take. It will be 3 months in sept. when the ipeb got my package, by the way the meb here on my base did not say return to duty and my commander also said I should not be retained any answers for me thanks!

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Good to have you here!

Plenty of servicemembers are found unfit for asthma. It will depend mostly on your limitations and your job in the military (grade and AFSC).

I would not worry too much that they did not mention the asthma when they returned the case. They probably felt they had enough information to adjudicate that part of your case and only needed additional info on your wrist. This is not to say they will get it right, just that their returning the case to the MTF does not mean anything good or bad regarding the asthma.

Best of luck and let us know any questions.


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Basically, it depends on how quickly the range of motion got done and sent back in.

The IPEB not mentioning your asthma means they didn’t have any questions about it. Unless they have questions or feel they need something else they will not make comments or decisions until the whole case can be resolved.


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Hello Everyone!

I’m going through the same thing. My package started Jan 08. I was diagnosed with asthma relating to my deployment in ’06 and a tumor in my leg. I signed my paperwork from the local board on 28 July 08 and was told it would be sent the next day. Well my commander found out it received the 8th of Aug 08 at AFPC.

I’ve been contacted by two people so far, one from my medical hospital and the other from the VA. The medical rep wanted to know how the Pilot program was affecting my life. Once I told him about my trials, he was like, this is great stuff, this is exactly what the hospital reps were looking for. Seriously? It’s my life not tv. The VA rep was very nice, and apologized for how long and drawn out the process was taking.

I have not been able to find anyone that can tell me how long the process is. One person said AFPC takes 6 weeks then the package is back. Another told me that AFPC makes their determination and sends to FL to the VA for ratings then that is sent back, but there is no timeline given. I was told by a third person that it takes 6-8 weeks, yet a 4th told me, no your in the final stages. It is extremely frustrating. I keep leaning on this forum for answers, because those involved in the process have no idea, and you guys have been awesome.

I had a question unrelated to this that I’m hoping someone can help. I was given an SRB when I re-enlisted. I’m 2 years into my enlistment and due to get another SRB payment next month. I keep getting told that I will have to pay that money back when I’m medboarded. The regulation doesn’t have anything relating to discharge by medboard & SRB payment. I’ve looked on the internet and everything I read, states the member got to keep the SRB payment. Personnel and Finance keep pointing the finger back at each other..so I’m stuck.

Thank you again for this forum, it’s great!



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Hello! I'm happy to say that I got my board results back today. Separation wih severance pay. Yay! Took 6 weeks to get the results once it got to AFPC.

Hang in there to everyone waiting. It was the longest most dreadful process I ever went to. But its finally over. Good luck to everyone!!



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It seems like you're happy with the results you were given. That's great news, then! Congratulations! :D


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So, I've found this Thread a little late, but here goes.

Jan 15 2007 - Broke ankle getting out of a top rack in on base barracks in the middle of the night. Spent the night in the emergency room. (Consequently, a month later someone else on base also fell out and has permanent brain damage from cracking his skull.)

Jan. 24 07 First surgery to fuse bone together.

Feb. 21 07 Second surgery for a syndesmosis screw.

March 05 07 Request for First Limdu assignment.

April 06 2007 Report for Limdu assignment. 1st period.

June 28 07 Third surgery to remove syndesmosis screw.

July 06 07 Second period of Limdu requested.

Nov. 01 07 Referred out to civilian specialist. Yale Orthopedics.

Nov. 28 07 Fourth surgery to put in external fixture to length bone.

Dec. 07 07 Request for third period of Limdu.

Feb. 13 08 Fifth surgery to remove external fixture.

April 02 Request for IPEB Denied, Third period of Limdu extended.

May 08 Found to have staph infection.

July 07 08 Sixth surgery to remove hardware and clean up infection.

Aug. 08 2008 Office visit to asses for IPEB package.
Diagnoses: (1) Bimalleolar fracture of the left ankle, status post open reduction, internal Fixation (824.5)
(2) Septic arthritis of the left ankle with post debridement residual osteopenia of the left ankle (711.07)

Aug. 12-20 Completed Separation Physicals.

Aug. 15 08 Signed Statement of Patient after reviewing Doctors evaluation.

Aug. 28 08 IPEB Package mailed to Washington D.C.

Sep. 08-11 08 Attended TAPS

Sep. 09 08 Requested Certified Copy of Medical Record. 4-6 week wait. Once I recieve I can apply for VA benifits.

Sep. 15 08 Called Medboards/PEBLO to ask if package was accepted and was told that they are only informed when they either receive a refusal, or receive the results.

Sep. 18 08 Three weeks since package mailed, and still waiting................................................

Sep. 24 08 Received Results!!!!!!!! 30% TDRL. VA Diagnostic Codes 5299-5262 Separating Nov. 7 2008

Sep. 30 08 Discharge orders came through. Separating Oct. 31 2008 now.

Oct. 02 08 All Paperwork processed. Left for Terminal Leave.

Oct. 15 08 Spent first night in my new apartment back home. VA memorandum rating approved. Hope to speak to a Voc Rehab counselor next week. 30-45 days to receive physical appointment to actually get rated.


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Hi All!

I'm not sure if this is the right thread to be asking this question but I'll try anyway.

My husband, Nathan, is currently in the rating process with the VA for a variety of items including PTSD, TBI, Plantar Fasciitis in both feet, a shoulder injury and tinnitus. (I have read the new info regarding TBI but thanks to anyone who was going to recommend that!)

Nathan is also still in the Army National Guard. He expressed his concern regarding his ability to lead his soldiers (SFC - E7) to some folks in his unit several months ago and was deemed unfit to attend AT by the doc who gives the AT physicals. Drilling was causing extreme stress for him and he was told at last drill by his commander (who is very supportive of him) that they would schedule a fit for duty exam during October's drill weekend. His commander also told him that he would not have to show for drill any longer.

The VA is waiting on stressor confirmation from Washington but has told us that once he is discharged they will no longer need the stressor confirmation. He is being referred to the fit for duty for the PTSD situation which is increasingly worse as time goes on. Our hope is that we can get the discharge process to happen quickly so we won't have to wait on Washington to get back to the VA.

I have a couple of questions regarding our situation. First, what is the timeline like from the date of the fit for duty exam to the MEB? I'm unclear about how that move is made and how long it takes. The second question is, will the commander's request that Nathan sit out for drill affect his student loan repayment or any other benefits he is currently receiving? He was told by both the brigade surgeon and the commander that everyone involved will be pushing for medical retirement rather than sev. pay. I'm just concerned that his current benes will not be dealt with properly if he isn't drilling but at the same time, drilling is causing him to deteriorate rapidly.

I apologize for the long post and if this is posted in the wrong thread. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks - Kelly

Jason Perry

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Welcome! Sorry to hear about Nathan's injuries. I hope he gets the treatment he needs.

As far as the timeline, it depends. They could find him disqualified for retention and refer him right away to the MEB. Or they could just give him a profile for a period of time and later refer him to MEB. There is a lot of flexibility in this part of the process. Sorry that I can't offer more insight, though it sounds like he will be referred to MEB sooner rather than later.

One other thing I thought I'd mention, it sounds like he should be eligible for INCAP pay.


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Jason -

Thanks for the super quick response! I apologize again for my ignorance but what in INCAP pay?


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Figured I would put my information on here to share and see where and how long it goes for.

Had initial injury rupturing ligaments during PT run. (Jan 2007)

Follow up appointments, never referred to Ortho for MRI, only x-rays (Jan 2007)

Lived with profiles and "getting by" until reinjuring ankle during PT run (Dec 2007)

2 weeks off for Exodus on crutches, ice and Motrin.

Injured ankle again (Jan 2008)

Sick-call a number of times before finally getting consult to Ortho (Jan-Feb 2008)

Put on temp profile with cam-boot (Feb 2008)

MRI and decision for surgery (Mar 2008)

Surgery (11 Apr 2008)

Con-leave (11 Apr 2008 to 28 Apr 2008)

Physical Therapy 3 times a week for 16 weeks (28 Apr 2008 to 18 Aug 2008)

MEB recommended (18 Aug 2008) 112 days after surgery.

Phase 1 Physical completed and filed (5 Sep 2008) 18 days later.

Phase 2 Physical and ROM completed and filed (11 Sep 2008) 6 days later.

TAP workshop (16 Sep 2008 to 18 Sep 2008) 5 days later.

DTAP workshop and began using single footed cane to try and get out of my 3d Cam Boot. (26 Sep 2008) 8 days later.

NARSUM review scheduled (20 Oct 2008) 24 days later.

Reviewed and signed NARSUM, has me listed for ICD-9 718.87. Packet sent to San Antonio PEB. (23 Oct 2008) 3 days later.

Awaiting PEB restults (24 Oct 2008) 1 day later.

San Antonio received my packet. (27 Oct 2008) 3 days later.

San Antonio had questions regarding my ROM results and requested additional information from a provider at Fort Polk, LA. (03 Nov 2008) 7 days later.

Waiting to get in touch with my PEBLO regarding this to get more details. (04 Nov 2008) 1 day later.

Providers at BJACH Fort Polk, LA working on fixing packet to resubmit to San Antonio. Was told it may take a couple more weeks before my packet is sent back to San Antonio. (05 Nov 2008) 1 day later.

The providers FINALLY corrected the problem. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!! (12 Nov 2008) 7 days later.

Additional provider information sent back to San Antonio. About time!! :) 7 to 10 business days for results again. (13 Nov 2008) 1 day later.

Business day 10 and the results are in the board has been completed...all I know is that it's Unfit for Duty 40% TDRL. I go to sign them tomorrow! (01 Dec 2008) 17 days later.

Signed my results. TDRL is a bummer, but it's all good. Spoke with In/Out Processing to give them my contact info and options for terminal leave and transportation. Just waiting on some orders now. Was told I will probably be out of here soon due to holidays coming and orders coming down fast. Spoke with housing to put in my notice for departure. Watch out, those fees will get you... Also submited claim to the VA for Disability Compensation. (02 Dec 2008) 1 day later.

Received an email telling me that the local DVA office received my VA claim. Case sent to HQ PDA for next step in the process before orders. (03 Dec 2008) 1 day later.

PDA HQ received my packet. (04 Dec 2008) 1 day later.

Average timeline from MEB start to day of orders is 100 days give or take a few from what I've calculated on this website. Currently I am at day 111. Hit a little speed bump in the process, hope it doesn't slow me down too much. God willing I'll be home for Christmas at least. Praise be to Jesus!


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Here is my timeline for the entire process I went through including both MEBs.

Tore my ACL during PT playing football at work. ( not originally diagnosed as a torn ACL, just a sprain) (Jan 06)

Physical Therapy which had no effect and actually made my knee worse. (Jan 06)

Finally after several visits to te clinic sent to Orthopedic Dr. (Apr 06)

Ortho Dr says after 1st visit, you have an ACL tear and scheduled surgery. (Apr 06)

Surgery done on my knee and placed on Con leave. (Apr 06- May 06)

Returned to work with limitations. (May 06)

MEB started after no improvement on my knee and the pain i was in. (Apr 07)

MEB kicked back from IPEB because ROM and Drs note were outdated. (Jun 07)

MEB resent to IPEB after documents are corrected. (Jul 07)

8 weeks later find out IPEB never received the new package. (Sep 07)

Package put together a 3rd time, only not all info was included that needed to bed. (Oct 07) ( i had no idea what to even look for. Had yet to find this site at that time.)

2 weeks after 3rd package was put together I received a RTD. Never even went to IPEB. (Oct 07)

Returned to duty but yet still cant perform my duties as a firefighter, so I am placed in the 911 dispatch center. (Oct 07)

Rupture my L4-L5 disc in my back. (Jan 08)

Get refferal to get an MRI and Neurologist (Feb 08)

1st discectomy surgery (Feb 08)

Con leave (Feb 08 - Mar 08)

Pain is now worse than before surgery (Mar 08)

Neruosurgeon schedules 2nd surgery end of Mar (Mar 08)

Con Leave (Mar 08 - May 08)

Released from Drs care back to base after 2nd surgery showed no improvement and he stated nothing further could be done surgically. (May 08)

back to work in the 911 dispatch center (Jun 08)

Had a breakdown and went to chaplin and mental health (Jul 08)

PCM, initiates 2nd MEB, this time for my back and mental health. (Jul 08)

PCM also refers me off base to have sleep study done. (Jul 08)

Sleep study done and found to have sleep apnea. (Jul 08)

Sent down to Camp Lejune for mental health portion of MEB due to the one at SJAFB being deployed. (Aug 08)

MEB package finished and sent off to AFPC. (26 AUG 08)

Attended mandatory presepartion briefing. (25 Sep 08)

Received my IPEB results 40% TDRL. (6 Oct 08)

Attended 3 day TAPS briefings. (7,8,9 Oct 08)

Received my retirement orders for Retirement date of 24 Nov 08. (15 Oct 08)


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This is a great site folks.
Thanks Jason for running this I'm sure it calms some nerves!
As for Mystic I'm getting a SRB and am in the same position.
As long as you haven't entered the (40) days you should get the SRB and
get to keep it.

I am currently experiencing my third MEB.

2000-2001 Took about 9 months start to finish.
Got a SRB in 2000.
Got a second SRB in 2003.

Second MEB

2005-2006. Took about 15-18 months start to finish.
Was interrupted by Katrina (Keesler refugee)

Third MEB

MEB started. 15 May 2008.
NARSUM finished. 6 Aug 2008.
Met local board. Refer to IPEB. 25 Aug 2008.
Sent to AFPC. 26 Aug 2008.

Still waiting on results.....
Told it could take up to 60 days for reply.(this Friday?)
I'm loosing patience quickly.

IPEB came back... 4 Nov 2008 (71 Days)
21% Disability
Nice, at least the process is moving.
I appealed for formal on 4 Nov 2008.
Now waiting for FPEB date.
Will update when I get my hearing date.


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MED board initiated (JAN 2008)
Physical Therapy finished (JULY 2008)
MED board submitted to PEB (SEP 29, 2008)
PEB results back in (OCT 29, 2008)

Fit For Active Duty

Sent back to PEB for reconsideration (Nov 07, 2008)
Results back on (Dec 01, 2008)

Not Fit To Continue Active Duty - 50% - TDRL


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It may not be too interesting, but I ll give it a go as it pertains to me.

April 08 - Placeds on light duty for knee problems.

May 08 - Incurred major trauma to right knee. Unable to bear weight on right knee. BAS issues crutches to assist with walking. Sets up appointment with resident Ortho at hospital.

May 21st 08 - Resident Ortho skips all limited duty and sends me straight to PEBLO from his office to begin PEB. Based on his findings, I will never be fit to continue with USMC. Sustained injuries directly to knee cardilage. Ortho wont even scope my knees out for extent of injuries because he says I wont recover from it. His goal now is to arrest any further injury. Limited duty will not help. Pain is chronic and possibly life long. Injury is irreversable and condition is inoperable.

July 30th 08 - PEB package is sent off to Washington after waiting 3+ additional weeks on my chain of command to complete Non Med. A little long, I know. During the time of preparing my board, I was fitted with a cane to assist in walking because my knee wasnt recovering well enough to walk without support, but the crutches were the wrong kind of support (I should note that I as I write this, months later, I am still walking with said cane).

August 08 - Findings come back FIT based on incomplete evidence. I requested reconsideration with a formal hearing. I went back to the resident Ortho to see if he had anything additional to add. He did not and reminded me again that my condition is inoperable and there is nothing he can do for me. In the end, I drafted my own statement of rebuttle challenging my Non Medical assesment which was innacuarlty drafted and several weeks late. I submitted my statements and waited a short time for a response.

Current Status: I was granted formal PEB and the date was set for Nov 25th 08. I am currently making all the preparations and have just been appointed my JAG officer to represent me before the board. To this day I still have great pain in my knees, I cant walk more than 3 feet without the cane I use and I show no signs of recovering to a point anywhere near that I would need to in order to deploy with my unit. I am unable to do 90% of my job and even small things like getting out of bed in the morning have become a chore. I hope whatever I may be able to bring before the board will be proof enough that I am no longer fit to be a Marine and that these afflictions will most likely haunt me the rest of my life. On a funny side note, I have been gifted with the nickname "Grandpa" from my fellow marines. Not meant to be harsh, but a small joke we run around the shop. They look at me and see a person who gave his all and was the victim of unfortuante circumstance. I suppose at times these things are meant to happen. I just wish my unit would quit giving me the run-around and finally close this matter so I can go in peace and get on with the rest of my life.
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