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First of all, thanks for the help. This place has been an awesome resource.

So, I’m active duty Air Force. My PCM and I had an appointment in mid February of this year. He met me on his admin time in his office, not in the usual patient/treatment areas. Anyway, we talked about my condition that he’s been seeing me for for about 14 months. He said, in short, that he was entering me into the MEB process and I should let my chain of command know. This wasn’t a huge surprise, because after over a year with very little improvement the writing was on the wall.

The issue is, I haven’t heard anything since then (almost 3 months). I still don’t have a code 37, I haven’t been contacted by anyone, nothing. I’ve emailed my PCM twice; no response. I went in for a PHA recently and saw a doctor who isn’t my PCM, and he said he had no clue what was going on and that I should email my PCM (huge help).

My question is essentially about where I go from here. Should I reach out to the first sergeant? Patient advocate? Any help is appreciated!
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