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I hear the VR&E counselor/liason is the person that makes or breaks you as far as receiving VR&E for school. I know that a lot of people that say "school" is training for future employment but often times counselors will say just use your GI bill instead if school is what you want. However, we all know that's not true because if we qualify for VR&E we should have access to this and use the GI bill after. Anyone with experience here? Advice? How I should approach a counselor?


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From my understanding, yes, the VR&E rep is the gatekeeper. If you are currently in IDES (med boarding), then filling out and sending the VA 28-1900 form to the VR&E rep is just a formality; however is required to start the ball rolling. I then went through some virtual appointments to provide details on my education/training/interests, my medical conditions that prevent me from executing expected job duties in positions that I would currently be qualified for, and the accommodations I would need in order to obtain and maintain a position. I also had to take some career-type interest surveys and provide some job search data. The VR&E rep (basically a career counselor) works with you to identify viable positions/careers that will accommodate your medical issues; however they do try to utilize your previous/military education and training, if possible, so as to not start from scratch. So once, the VR&E rep and I agreed on a path forward, the rep found programs that would work with the VA (of course not all schools or training programs do). I am currently doing ecourses for data analytics and program management. Hope this helps!