Transition Office Question


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Hi all, I have a question due to the transition office at fort Bragg being so confusing and conflicting. Every person I talk to tells me Something different.

I am being medically separated with severance and my 199 was signed on 30OCT17. Is there anything that I need to do before transition receives my NLT than date? They gave me a checklist of things to bring to them AFTER they receive my date which includes leave form if taking terminal leave and commanders counseling on SM’s election of separation date. I have 20 days leave saved up and plan to use the full 20 for medical PTDY on top of that. That puts me at 40 days so I will be moving my date closer. However, they are telling me that I have to have an approved DA 31 signed by my battalion commander (since it’s over 30 days requested leave and MEB PTDY) to take to them when my NLT comes IN ORDER TO MOVE MY DATE CLOSER. How is my battalion commander going to approve me to start terminal leave 50 days early when he doesn’t have any way of knowing that my date will be moved forward or to what day? I assumed that I would use a working copy of DA 31 for this, but they are saying it has to be an approved DA 31 signed by the appropriate approving authority. Is there something that I am misunderstanding?

If there is anyone that can shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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