Tripler IDES Timeline


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So far here is my timeline.

22 Feb 11- notified of MEB
28 Feb 11- Phase 1 MEB brief
10 Mar 11- Appt with MEB DR.
22 Apr 11- VA Appt
10-17 May 11- All VA appt completed.
11 Jun 11- VA sent packet back to PEBLO
03 Aug 11- First Narsum appt.
30 Aug 11- Signed Narsum
28 Sep 11- PEB receives packet (That's what AKO states)
17 Oct 11- VA status changes to Decision phase per Ebenefits website
18 Oct 11- Called PEBLO and she informs me Iwas found unfit, but couldn't tell me as of what date.
31 Oct 11- VA has ratings just waiting on final review
21 Nov 11- VA released final ratings to the PEB. (Almost done!)
01 Dec 11- PEDLO called and had received my 199
02 Dec 11- Signed 199 and it was faxed back to PEB
07 Dec 11- Transition called! I have an appointment in the morning!!!!!!!
09 Dec 11- Received orders
12 Dec 11- picked up clearing papers
22 Dec 11- Final OUT!
I've had to call my PEBLO several time to reminded her to set up different appt (VA and Narsum).


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Been waiting of my 199, and peblo said it was still with the VA. Call my VA rep and she said it was still with the Seattle office. She told me that the ratings were made on Oct 31 and didn't know what the hold up was. So I called the Seattle VA office and was informed that they are just waiting on someone to look over it and make sure everything is correct. How long does this normally take? Funny thing, the lady I spoke with has a son that is deployed with my unit right now..... small world.

I was hoping to be home by xmas, but I don't think thats gonna happen.


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Just a quick update. Got my ratings from the my VA rep. Army put me at 10% and my combined VA rating was 90%. Should be getting a call from my peblo in the next few days to sign my 199.


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FINALLY! Signed my 199 today and stood there to make sure she faxed it back to PEB. Then it's off to PDA. There's light at the end of the tunnel.


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That's awesome Mustang33! I watched my PEBLO fax it also back to the PEB and that was on the 15th of Nov and I called this week and the PDA said they received it on Nov 22. Hopefully they can get to both of ours before Christmas.


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I was sitting here staring at the calender trying to guess when I might be leaving, and low and behold the phone rings... It was transition!! I have an appointment in the morning. No need to guess anymore!!

I just singed my 199 last Friday(Dec 2) and transition already called. Must be a record. lol


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Mustang33 if i signed my 199 on the 9th of January how long you think it would be before i got my orders to clear.... I have a new born on the way at the end of the month and i'm trying to make sure everything is going to go well.
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