trying to find the rating for full hip replacement/avascular necrosis


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I am in the navy currently and ive had full hip replacement do to avascular necrosis in nov 09' and currently goin through the new so called DES program.... My range of motion in my new metal to metal hip is slim to none.. I just wanna know what kind of disability rating to look for??? what would be a round about figure of percentage i would possibly get offered???​


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from what I understand the DOD rating may differ but your Minimum rating is 30% per VA Schedule for Rating Disabilities (VASRD) for a prosthetic implant, and the DOD is "supposed" to follow this. Now as for your Range of Motion issues that has to be measured or it is just guessing.
I am also facing an MEB for hip work, Had left hip resurfaced (newer procedure less bone loss but still metal on metal parts)in Oct 09 and than right hip resurfaced Jan 2010 and two weeks ago a new knee, so I am curious how your comes out.
also is your other hip ok? for me everything turned into bilateral issues both hips and both knees so it seems that your condition could also manifest in your other hip. have you had it looked at?
I know it is unheard of but I will probably know within the next few weeks my rating(my package is being fast tracked "helped" along....long story
But I will let you know my rating as I have some ROM issues also.

Good Luck
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I recently graduated Army BCT. A week before graduating I went to medical for pain in my left hip. I originally thought it was a pulled muscle or at worst a stress fracture. After MRI I was told I had a small portion of AVN on the femoral head. The ortho surgeon I saw recommended MEB and now I find myself fighting to stay in the army.I haven't had anysymptoms or pain in over a month but every medical professional I come across here at Ft. Benning tells me that I'll be discharged and that isn't what I want. Can you help shed some light on this? PLEASE!!! A couple of 1SG's I've spoken to said I could be reclassified but I don't know how true that is. I would do anything to stay in the Army. I'm also on a National Guard soldier if that helps. I thank you in advance. Even though I am only just a BCT grad I am a good soldier and I have a number of senior NCOs and officers in my corner. Again any info would help.

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Well, assuming that you are fighting to stay in, the thing to do is make sure the MEB accurately depicts your condition. You need a strong Commander's Letter stating that you are not limited in performing your duties. Take and pass an APFT with the 3 regular events (obviously, subject to your profile and medical limitations) (also, it goes without saying, the higher the score, the better). It may even be that you can convince the doctor that you do not fail retention standards.

Reclass is likely only going to be available if you go to an MMRB, or you are medically cleared for return to duty and then you try to reclass....however, I am not clear that you would "reclass" because if you just graduated BCT, you have not completed AIT, so you technically have not been awarded an MOS. (This is my take on the issue, though, I would not say it is gospel...I would talk to your NG Liaison on post or call back to your State if you WANT to "reclass").

You did not say if you still have symptoms/pain so I can't offer any insight on fitness vs. unfitness. Also, what status are you in? Are you doing OSUT or split option training (and if split, are you on MED HOLD status)?

Good luck! I hope you are able to continue to serve.


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I am fighting to stay in. I passed my last PT test about a week before I went to medical to get checked out. I decided to hold off on going to medical until recovery week so that I wouldn't miss any training. I honestly thought I had a pulled or strained muscle. I didn't think it was anything that would side line me like this did. I was off crutches and walking normally within 3 weeks of diagnosis and back to doing PT by week 4. It's been over a month now that I haven't had any pain or symptoms. My range of motion evaluation and my physical both showed I was presenting as normal. I feel like every medical professional I come across looks at the diagnosis and gives me the "well 10 years from now blah blah blah" rather then treating me as an individual. I have another MEB appointment 8SEP and I was told that this doctor is the one I need to convince I can physically be in the army. I know, without a doubt, that I can carry out my duties. I am at Ft. Benning now and I am supposed to go to Ft. Sam Houston for AIT. Any info you can provide me I greatly appreciate.
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