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Hello, just hit 7 years and got put up for med board due to going DKA right before New Years. I had just PCS's from Korea into Elmendorf in the middle of December, two weeks later bam... hospital. From what I have read I need to drag this thing out to my 8 year mark to even mark the first notch for Medical Retirement. Im Mil to Mil, so the wife will have to finish her tour if I am booted. I'm on leave and just got a text from the boss that my commander marked do not retain. Already getting started on the wrong foot. The commander made a note for them to retain until deros seeing as how I wont be going anywhere until wife finishes hers. From what I heard that note is just being nice because that isnt how med boards work. Either im fit, or im not.

Currently I am NOT on insulin. I am on pancreatic beta cell boosters because Im honey mooning. Pancreas kicked back on and is working until... who knows. I still have a doctors appointment to confirm anti bodies and that I am for sure Type 1. From what I have read on how the ratings work for diabetics. It is going to hurt me that Im sort of healthy right now rather than not being on insulin and no limitations for physical activity. Has anyone who has RECENTLY went through a diabetic MEB, got any advice or can tell me how much longer I have in the air force? I know ever case is different but any help would be great.


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Here is the VA rating part

Code 7913
: Diabetes mellitus is the condition that most of us think of as just diabetes. It occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin (Type 1), or when the cells do not respond properly to insulin (Type 2). Type 3 diabetes can occur during pregnancy, but this condition resolves after the birth and is not ratable.

Diabetes can affect many different organs including the heart, eyes, and kidneys. It can cause strokes, loss of blood flow to the arms and legs, and nerve dysfunction. It usually takes 10 to 20 years for these secondary conditions to develop.

Note: When rating diabetes mellitus, keep in mind that the secondary conditions of diabetes can be rated separately as long as they are not part of the requirement for a 100% rating. So, if the diabetes is severe enough to warrant a 100% rating under this code, any other conditions that are caused by the diabetes cannot be separately rated. If the diabetes only warrants a 60% rating or lower, however, those other conditions can be rated separately.

Diabetes is rated 100% if all of the following circumstances are present: 1) It requires an insulin injection more than once a day, a restricted diet, and a low physical activity level; 2) It causes three or more hospitalizations each year or requires weekly visits to a care provider; 3) It causes continuous weight loss and weakness.

A 60% rating is given if the condition requires or causes all of the following: 1) insulin; 2) a restricted diet; 3) a low physical activity level; 4) one or two hospitalizations each year or two visits a month to a care provider; 5) minor side effects that would not make a person unemployable without the diabetes.

If the condition requires insulin, a restricted diet, and a low physical activity level, then it is rated 40%.

If the condition requires insulin and a restricted diet, or requires medication taken by mouth and a restricted diet, it is rated 20%.

If it can be managed by a restricted diet alone, it is rated 10%.


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This is interesting. So they processed you before you were fully diagnosed with type 1, but they put you on beta boosters. I hope everything works out for you. I just finished a medboard for type 1.
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