Type I Diabetic, USNA, E-6, with 13yrs found UNFIT by IPEB. Plan to appeal and be found FIT by FPEB! Any experiences with FPEB lately?


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I haven't received DOD/VA ratings, but my PEBLO can see I've been found UNFIT and my case has been forwarded to VA for ratings. Everything submitted for IPEB was positive and all endorsements recommended I be found FIT. Well, things didn't go my way at IPEB and once ratings come back I will appeal the UNFIT finding and try to be found FIT. Has anyone out there as of late been to DC for FPEB or know anyone and who has and what were the outcomes. I know each case is different, but wanted to see how things are going since the new DOD Force Deployment Directive. What can I due to be proactive with the time I have. Should I be asking for letters of recommendations from previous Chain of Commands or have someone come with me to FPEB to speak on my behalf? Maybe there's things I'm not thinking about at this time? Any advice or mentorship would be whole heartily appreciated.
7913 - Diabetes Mellitus
(1) The format published by the National Diabetes Group shall serve as the basis for classifying diabetes mellitus (DM). The severity of each case should be individualized taking into consideration the expected natural course of the disease variants. Insulin dosage is not a good indicator of severity and is only one factor to consider in the overall evaluation of the disease. Response to specific therapy, diet, activity, compliance, and time are all important. With adequate compliance, many diabetics are Fit with minimum restrictions. Young adults with type I DM (insulin dependent) are not a good risk for retention.

This is straight from SECNAVINST 1850.4E (The Navy Manual for IDES). I would appeal it but the chances are slim, I have seen a 3 star general write a letter of recommendation and still see the service member separate. I would appeal and slowly start preparing for life outside of the military. It may not be what you want to hear. Pray for the best but prepare for the worst. I hope things do go your way, good luck!


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Following! Please keep us updated on how all of this goes, what steps you took, etc. My husband went through an IPEB several years ago and was found Fit, but is now going through another PEB because a waiver for deployment was denied. He is fighting to stay in, but we're also worried about the new DOD Force Deployment Directive. Thanks, and best of luck to you!
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