UC with inflammatory arthritis MEB/PEB


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I am a member of the nat’l guard with about 10 years of service. I was diagnosed about a year ago with moderate to severe universal ulcerative colitis with inflammatory arthritis secondary to the UC. I’ve been lucky and responded well to Imuran and Humira. I am meeting with our State Surgeon General soon and have been told he will most likely recommend me for a MEB as I’ve been in an undeployable status for about 12 months.

I’m curious if there are any other guard members out there that have dealt with this, and what I should expect, as far as time frame etc. I’m ready to have an idea of my future, and I’m given a lot of contradicting information regarding that.

I was first told that the meds were an automatic end to my career. Recently I was told that that is incorrect and it’s a grey area. 2 days later I was again told (by someone who thought Humira was a short term medication) that if it’s long term and permanent, then I’m for sure out.
It’s been 12 months of being left behind, making up training when they won’t take me to the field due to my profile, busy work, shredding papers, etc. Thankfully it’s only one weekend a month, but it is starting to wear on a guy.
Thanks in advance for any input, information, and/or advice.
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