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Unsure on next steps to take when unjustifiably denied an LOD

I have been denied an LOD with the remarks of "Existed prior to Service - LOD N/A."
However the DOD Instruction 1332.18 Prior service impairment covers this portion of my claim due to me being a prior service member. I have an extensive medical record during my active duty term where I received ongoing treatment. I submitted an appeal to the findings, but I feel that they will deny my appeal. It seems as if it is me against the Air Force and I do not have enough "pull" to get them to do the right thing and follow regulations. I did not have a break in service from Active Duty to Reserve, which is why I am confused on how they consider my condition to have existed prior to service. To my understanding, the Air Force Reserve views the Air Force Active Duty as a separate service and anything that incurred during that time is irrelevant once you enter reserve service. I really need some advice, suggestions, or anything because this has been extremely stressful for me and has caused me to miss work due to the stress and reoccurring migraines.


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I'm in a similar situation and trying to get answers but no one has been able to definitively tell me.