Unsure where I stand in PDBR process.


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Gentlemen and Ladies Im unsure where to even post this properly but here is a shot in the dark. My situation was that I was MEB'ed in Jan 09 at 10% from the Army for "Chronic Back Pain" and separated (Heres 10 grand thanks for showing up to the war best of luck scenario). (I will attempt to keep this short). The VA later gave me
  1. Thoracolumbar spine degenerative joint disease with sacral strain L4-S1 disc bulge w myofascial pain syndrome @20%
  2. Left upper extremity radiculopathy due to cervical spine and left ulna neuropathy left hand fracture @20%
  3. Right and left Sciatica 10% respectively
  4. Right shoulder degenerative joint disease @ 10%
  5. Tinnitus @10%
  6. MRSA scars head face neck 0%
  7. PTSD with major depressive disorder and severe alcoholism 100% (monthly house bound status criteria met special monthly)
  8. PTSD/TBI migraine headaches 30%
  9. Right and left knee strains 10% respectively
  10. Gastroesophageal reflux disease @10%
  11. TBI @10% (status changed to Traumatic Brain Disease) not sure what that status change means other than im royally screwed (alzheimers checks etc etc.
  12. Perm and Total with all disabilities being labeled Combat related which my MEB was labeled combat related.
Fast forward a few years and I get a letter in the mail saying I've been awarded a Purple Heart for injuries sustained back in 2004 when I was ejected out of my turret when our vehicle was struck by an IED. Medevac yadada it took 11.5 years for that to go through apparently witness statements were resubmitted and my medevac paperwork was found. Fast forward another year or two after my Purple Heart ceremony (I was already out of the Army for 6 years) the DOD sends me a letter in the mail saying im eligible for a PDBR and possible reconsideration for classification from separation to retirement. PDBR timeline...
  1. Filed for PDBR May 15th 2017 apparently it was handed to the Air Force for review as I was told the Air Force now handles all branch PDBRs
  2. Received letter from Randolph Air Force Base that my case was assigned a Docket number September 26, 2017
  3. June 21, 2018 All necessary documents regarding the case from the VA and service record were collected.
  4. Email sitrep from USAF Pentagon SAF-MR Mailbox PDBRPA September 24 2018 my case is in "Post Adjudication phase" When I asked for clarification on what Post Adjudication phase meant I was told in the most polite way to "please be patient and we cant discuss your case"
So I guess I just have a few questions since Im coming up on three months since "Post Adjudication" still don't know what that means.

  1. Am I near the end of the road on this decision being finalized? I was told per some timeline DOD form that I should have had that decision by like late November 2018
  2. I was told if the decision was favorable (being increased from 10% DOD rating to 30% I would retire) that per the original letter my retro date would be Jan 2009 how true is that information?
  3. I was told that CRSC would be something I would have to look into (since my Purple Heart made me eligible) but got conflicting reports on whether or not the PDBR would automatically award that if I reached "Medical retirement" or whether I had to apply for it on my own given a favorable decision.
  4. So if found favorable am I looking at basically collecting two paychecks a month here? Like one from the VA and one from the DOD? Keeping in mind I was separated as an E-5 with just under 6 and a half years in.
The process seems so unaccounted for except for an email that im basically told by the Department of the Air Force although I was Army to sit down shut up and wait. Which does sound par for the course but the Air Force does say it much prettier than the Army. Just trying to explore what could happen both best case and worst case since my TBI is being upgraded to a Traumatic Brain Disease and I just want to make sure my family is taken care of before I lose what little of my mind I have left. Thanks for any tips suggestions or feedback very much appreciated.

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Retired pay and VA compensation: As a disability retiree who receives VA Compensation, you must waive/lose retired pay dollar for dollar in the amount of VA compensation received.

CRSC is not awarded by a PDBR; one must apply to their service for consideration. CRSC replaces some or all of waived retired pay for combat related disabilities.

Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) is a program that was created for disability and non-disability military retirees with combat-related disabilities. It is a tax free entitlement that you will be paid each month along with any retired pay you may already be receiving.
To qualify for CRSC you must:

  • be entitled to and/or receiving military retired pay
  • be rated at least 10 percent by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA)
  • waive your VA pay from your retired pay
  • file a CRSC application with your Branch of Service
Disabilities that may be considered combat related include injuries incurred as a direct result of:

  • Armed Conflict
  • Hazardous Duty
  • An Instrumentality of War
  • Simulated War
Several pages of CRSC info is available for download and review at the following link: Supplement to CRSC Information

Your other questions will be addressed by others knowledgeable in those areas.

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Thank you Ron. Sounds like an equation that someone with a higher pay grade determines and id probably be at a loss to understand it. However thank you for pointing me in the right direction I do greatly appreciate it.


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Thank you Ron. Sounds like an equation that someone with a higher pay grade determines and id probably be at a loss to understand it. However thank you for pointing me in the right direction I do greatly appreciate it.
One of your questions pertained to receiving two payments each month.

Here are a couple of possible scenarios (with the inference you are now rated 100% by the VA; “Perm and Total with all disabilities being labeled Combat related which my MEB was labeled combat related.”):

1. EXAMPLE: $3000 VA compensation and $2000 DoD Disability Retired Pay
—$2000 minus amount of VA comp $3000 = zero retired pay
—At this point you receive only $3000 VA compensation

2. EXAMPLE: Same info as item 1, plus CRSC approved by your service at 90%
—example 90% amount from VA compensation tables (used for CRSC too) = $1700
—example amount of longevity portion of retired pay = $500
—$500 is the lesser and becomes the amount of CRSC payable
—At this point you receive two payments each month; $3000 VA Comp and $500 CRSC from DFAS

3. The possible scenarios would apply to retroactive periods as well.

4. If not already accomplished, some or all of your Disabilty Severance Pay might be recouped.

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Update: As of January 7th 2019 I received an email notifying me that my final decision was made by the Army and I should be notified on the decision via mail shortly.
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