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Wow that’s amazing congratulations!! I hope I am in your shoes soon!! Thank you so much for your post it gives me a little hope that there might be some light at the end of the tunnel.
No problem at all and I hope as well too. Just remember this is your future and life at stake, don’t let people give you bs answers and just push you away. I was in my peblos office everyday especially after I signed for my ratings. This process can go so much faster and smoother if people literally just got off their asses and did their iobs!


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If your commander deems your conditions prevent you from doing your job as well as your pcm then chances are high you will be found unfit. If you want to stay in I’d talk to your commander and pcm
Thanks! Heard from my PEBLO today that was I returned to duty with a ALC


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Thought I would clean this up and add some information as I have gotten a few messages. My timeline:

?? Jul 18 - Referred to DAWG
10 Aug 18 - Code 37
7 Sep 18 - Commander Impact letter sent (after being submitted to the wrong commander, no telling how long it sat with the wrong commander)
12 Sep 18 - PEBLO forwards the CC Impact Letter to me for signature
1-5ish Oct 18 - IRILO sent to AFPC
12 Oct 18 - Full Board directed
19 Oct 18 - VA MSC, listed 27 Conditions
1 Nov 18 - VA C&P exams
5 Nov 18 - VA C&P exams
14 Nov 18 - VA C&P exams
19 Dec 18 - Signed NARSUM/Package uploaded
20 Dec 18 - AFPC notification of QC process
31 Dec 18 - VA Received Request for ratings
29 Jan 19 - Case assigned to a rating Team
13 Feb 19 - Case closes out on ebennies says decision made, letter mailed
14 Feb 19 - AFPC receieves ratings, forwards to PEBLO 60/100 P&T sign all in the same date pick 28 May as official retirement day

They need my med hold MFR to forward with my case, they never had me do one because they thought I would have been able to line up my DOS perfectly since I had so much retainability left but they still need the MFR regardless. So signing that in the morning and AFPC is going to work to get my case moving faster, if my case manager who is on leave hasn't already, since I am almost within a week of when I need to start terminal. With that said, don't be afraid to ask your PEBLO to call people. My PEBLO hasn't been doing this long, was iffy about making calls and the old PEBLO came in the office and called the case managers at AFPC no problem they even helped me calculate and select my DOS and asked when I needed to be gone. Regardless of what you believe or hear they want to help us because it helps them clear their backlog. Orders can be cut in a matter of hours, it does not take 30 days as some people will tell you. Again it will vary case by case, but in most, your orders can be cut rather quickly. My girlfriend did this for 10 years before she was medically retired, and she backs up my statements 100%. Just don't be a dick, after all its people working this process not machines and most are really willing to help however they can.
How were you notified that the VA received your packet for rating from the IPEB?
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