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Updates to the VASRD

Jason Perry

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Please note that the VA has been updating the VASRD.

Currently, the VA has updated the schedule for the following conditions with criteria that are not updated in this forum:

Hemic and Lymphatic systems,
Dental and oral conditions,
Conditions related to the endocrine system,
Gynecological conditions and disorders of the breast
Diseases of the eye,
Skin conditions.

I am working on updating the VASRD listings on the forum. In the meantime, you can find the most recent ratings here:



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Hello mr.Perry
I was wondering if you could give me some advice. Im rated at the VA for the following
TBI 100%
MIGRAINES 50% secondary to tbi
PTSD 30%
Back 50%
Tinitus 10%
I just went through my 1st re-evaluation and they combined my PTSD and TBI but it stayed at 100. The TBI is connected to multiple IED blasts from 2004. I auido have letters from my neurologist and psychologist stating that in their opinion it will never get better since its been 15+years. Is there anything I can do to get them to mark it as P&T? I an already scheduled for another re-examination in 3 years and they are horrible. I would just like to move on and have some closure on all if this.
Thanks in advance


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I wonder how this rewrite will play out.... let’s say they rewrite sleep apnea needing CPAP and change it from 50% to 30%. Would they go back and lower everyone’s rating who has sleep apnea? Or would you be able to keep your rating based on the old VASRD?