US Army DES Pilot at Fort Hood


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US Army DES Pilot at Fort Hood: Updated 1/06/2011

Also, one thing to add. People are wondering why some ratings come faster than others? The VA from what I was told is required to rate VERY SERIOUS condition soldiers first. So, lets say that ben and john both get packets sent up 2 days apart for PTSD only. Beth got both legs cut off and has a serious heart condition and her packet goes through. She goes to the top of the pile. So what this means is ben slipped through with a faster rating than john because beth came in the picture in between the days.

Hope that makes sense. I was told this by the VSO's as well as the VA.

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Results are in!! US Army DES Pilot at Fort Hood: Updated 03/11/2011

Updated timeline in original post.

Any advice as to what to expect next and what I need to be watchful for and what questions need to be asked would be greatly appreciated.
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