USAFR MEB started jan 2017. Still waiting


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I'm new here and just looking for some help or advice. I'll make my back story as brief as possible.
I'm in the USAF reserves as a C17 crew chief, got a double hernia while on 140day active duty orders in june 2015 and have an approved LOD. Had surgery and RTS august of that year. Then in June 2016 the hernia recurred and I had to have another surgery for it. Was again RTS in August 2016. Went on AT and was in a good amount of pain while working. Eventually went and saw military docs and was told I have some form of nerve damage from the surgery. Went on no duty status in Oct 2016, MEB started November or December 2016.

I haven't been called in for anything or even contacted about my MEB in almost 8 months. On top of that I'm unable to work due to pain so I'm supposed to receive incap pay. But in the nearing 2 years of no duty and have only received 1 6 month lump sum of pay. So I'm owe 14 months of pay and have now been put into financial hardship twice. I've also had to get my congressional rep involved twice.

What else can I do?
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