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Greetings everyone, thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post. I am a USCG Reservist on Active Duty. My orders were from Jan 01 2019-Dec 31 2019. However I was injured June 4th and have been in a light duty/med hold status since. I will give a brief background of my case:

-June 4, 2019 I was involved in a UTV accident (I was the right rear occupant) on base. I suffered a T-10 compression fracture, less than 20% loss in height of vertebrae. I walked out of the ER with muscle relaxers and Ibuprofen. There was no neurosurgeon available to see me. It was July 7th before I was able to see a neurosurgeon. When he walked into the exam room, he asked where my back brace was. I informed him no brace was given to me on date of accident. He measured me and prescribed a back brace and told me to wear it 3 months and come back and see him in September.
-At my September appointment, he told me to keep wearing the brace and he would see me in November. I asked about therapy and he told me I did not need therapy. I explain the new symptoms (numbness, tingling in the arms and legs etc.) and continued loss of range of motion. He stated I shouldn't have those symptoms and to keep wearing my brace
-Symptoms are still present. My primary care on base was finally able to get a MRI for me in October. MRI showed mild disc herniation in the C4-C5 region, and still showed the fracture in T-10. Primary care was also able to get physical therapy scheduled.
-I began physical therapy (civilian doctor) on Nov 1. He measured and noted limited range of motion, muscle guarding, and altered gait in his initial eval.
-November 7th follow up with a different neurosurgeon. He walked in the room, reviewed my MRI, told me I was 5 months post injury and should be good to go. Stated he did not like doing light duty paperwork and my command could look at my notes and decide what to do with me. He never examined me, took measurements, saw me walk, or any other treatment. When I review his notes, he wrote the exam up like he conducted a thorough physical exam specifically saying my strength was recovered, no loss of motion, etc. His notes contradicted everything my therapist recorded 6 days prior.
-I inform my primary care about the discrepancies I had with the neurosurgeon, she agreed and had me write a statement.
-Early February, Neurosurgery orders new CT Scan/ X-Rays to see how my fracture had healed. I see the orders, call and inform them the requested scans are not in the area of my fracture or herniated disc. They tell me the scans are indeed what they need. I get the scans.
-March 6th was a follow up with Neurosurgery. I see a different neurosurgeon again. She informs me the scans and X-rays were incorrect. I tell her I tried informing her office of this. She orders new scans and informs me the doc I saw in November ordered the wrong scans.
-I was scheduled to see neurosurgery yesterday but due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, that appointment was moved back to May 19.

I was told by my Primary Care who sees me every month to complete my monthly physician report, that the MEB process has to start prior to June 4, 2020 one year from my injury and start of light duty. Since the initial injury, I have developed IT Band Syndrome in my right knee and constant flare ups with the herniated disc at C4-C5; to the point I am in bed for a couple of days at a time. I have been in therapy 2-3 times a week since November 1st. My therapist states I still have a lot of progressing to do. I am unable to do sit-ups, or push-ups due to pain in thoracic region from the fracture. Therapist also states in his opinion the delay in getting in a back brace and the amount of time from injury to therapy significantly hindered my healing and progress.

Since they are starting the medical board, what should I expect? Based on the experience many of you have, am I more likely or less likely going to be medically separated? I was also told the MEB would be only for the T-10 fracture, not any secondary conditions even though they are preventing me from being fit for duty. Is this true or can secondary issues be considered? Should I hire a private attorney to assist in the process or use USCG Legal that is provided.

I know I typed a lot, but any feedback is greatly welcome and appreciated
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