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Hi Everyone,

So I was Active Duty for 17.4 years in the Coast Guard, all Active Duty. I Entered the Service in 1997, and in July 2003 I was in a automobile accident. The day of the accident I had a open fracture to the knee, I was out per say for about 9 months including physical therapy in a zero degree brace. I had my second knee surgery in 2008. My third knee surgery all on the same knee was for a partial knee replacement. After the accident I was on the weight program probably a million times but I was able to get off. But in July 2014 I was Separated due to Weight control failure. I Filed to the BCMR, and got "No Relief" from the Board. I was stunned because I though if out get hurt or injury etc a Med Board would happen but I never ever signed any paperwork or was told about a Med Board because al I ever wanted to do was Retire. Any advice
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