VA/DOD Pilot Program - Got My results back


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I signed my results today.

90% By IPEB

70% PTSD, 50% Migraines, 50% Asthma.

Other conditions 0% due to no documented visitation with VA doctor to properly rate. Conditions unfit and stable except PTSD although I have had the same level of treatment and GAF score for 4 years now. They wrote that chances of improvement are mild at best. Nice thing is all conditions even 0% are listed as Incurred Combat Zone.

100% By VA

About 15 other conditions rated including things like 30% Hearing Loss, 30% Lumbar, 30% Septoplasty, 30% Conjunctivitis, 30% Pes Planus (Fun IED Blasts crushing Humvees like soda cans!)

I was given 0% for several conditions both IPEB and VA since I never saw the VA doctors like I was suppose to through the program. (Big screw up on their part) I have been given doctors appointments (4) to attend throughout February and March that will adjust my rating according to the summary given which is about 20 pages long. Summary my ass......

I'm excited can move on with my life now in a way.....


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Congratulations man! Its good to see that the military is recognizing your conditions and helping you support yourself as you seek some relief and recovery. I hope things work out medically for you. Take care and good luck on this new chapter of your life!
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