VA hosts national telehealth summit to increase health care access for Veterans

WASHINGTON - Today, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is hosting the Anywhere to Anywhere, Together Summit at the United States Institute of Peace with the nation's top industry, government and non-profit leaders to increase connectivity and access to telemedicine for Veterans.

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I had my recent annual by telehealth. The doc can see your eyes, ears, nose and throat via a nurse operated otoscope like camera. The doc can listen to your heart and lunch via a nurse operated stethoscope.

What can't be replicated are exams involving touch; testicular, brest, strength testing, abdominal, neck gland, reflex exams.... So for an annual exam and some specific problems I'd give telehealth an F. For some presenting issues telehealth might be fine, but an "annual exam" is not what I got.
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