VA Rating

The va has sent a rating to the PEB for consideration after a preliminary unfit finding. My PEBLO will not provide me with my proposed rating until the PEB releases it. The VA cannot release the letter to me, but said the PEBLO can see it and should release it to me because it's MY proposed rating. Has anyone had any success getting their ratings before the PEB released them?


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I gave all of them, and the PEB a call. They all said the same thing, that my PEBLO should take care of me. On a good note, I'm 20 days into the QA portion and the oldest case in the queue is at 28 days.
How did you know where you were at in the queue for the QA portion?

Also, VA sent me a packet needing more paperwork for additional claims and they sent the packet back to the PEB on 2/12/18. Was I supposed to get something else from the VA in the mail? They said they sent my decision letter but I haven't seen it. And this waiting is torture. But I'm in a good place for now.
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