VA Ratings turnaround


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Does anyone know how long the VA is taking to process claims/ratings ? I was found unfit 24 September and my Case was then forwarded to the VA for ratings.
Every case is different depending on the amount and complexity of the issues. I was found unfit 22AUG18 by IPEB and claims are still at VA on 9OCT18. Called my VA MSC and he indicated my MEB claims are "hung up" due to a individual claim I file 22DEC17 pre MEB notification. VA wants to provide one assessment to cover everything as I transition out. Makes sense and I can wait. Dates are changing on eBenefits so that is an indicator things are moving along. MSC estimated 15 to 30 days and the claim is now scheduled to close 13OCT - 18 OCT 2018. Then the results will go back to IPEB for DoD rating. Every case is different and the canned answer is 4 to 8 weeks.


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My PEB package was submitted on 25 September and I was found unfit on 9 October. My package is with the VA now. It was a very stressful 14 days waiting on the fit/unfit decision...
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