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Hello All,

I am in need of assistance! Here's my story... I was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in Oct of 2017. I am active duty Air Force and so the MEB began. I have finished all my VA appointments and have received my ratings. 20% from DOD and 80% from VA. Both the VA and DOD rated me 20% for the diabetes. My goal was to get at least 30 for retirement but that did not happen so the lady recommended I do a VA recon to raise my VA rating from 20 to 40 percent for my diabetes in Hope that it would raise the DOD rating to match. Out of pure impatience I denied a formal board (immature mistake). I have done my research on the CFR 38 and I match all requirements for a 40% rating (insulins daily , restricted diet and restricted activities). So I did the VA recon and attached proof of my limited activities which was a AF 469 or profile saying I can not run due to hypoglycemia and proof of restricted diet. My question is who has had a similar experience with a VA recon and has seen it come back and raise both the VA rating and DOD rating? I've heard that the DOD matches the rating that the VA gives you so I have high hope. Please help.
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